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Since President Richard Nixon resigned, to avoid a comprehensive probe of unpardonable crime, most of what is written about the Kennedys is a veiled effort to rehabilitate the reputation of the disgraced Richard Nixon. We are living the consequence of seeking to elevate the value of one man, by distorting the legacy of the other. JFK Jr. honored the legacy of his compelling father, not by challenging the distortion, the deceit, and the outright fraud that is pawned off as a measure of history, but by proving in deed, that he was in fact worthy of the legacy he inherited. It is not possible to do any more. The murder of JFK Jr. is no less of a loss and no less tragic than the assassination of a President, and in an era of unprecedented, partisan hostility, there is no reason to believe that the so called inexplicable accident was anything but sabotage. Politics is an honorable profession, but it has become combat. His integrity and his reason gracefully disarmed a dark veil of propaganda and nothing threatens ignorant bigots more than the simple truth. We will always remember the humanity, the intelligence and the eloquance of America's crown prince.

Ever wonder why so many people are aggressively seeking to promote the so called dark side of Camelot? The dark side of Camelot is the myth that the media perpetuates, to justify criminals like Richard Nixon. JFK Jr. said that the best way to silence the media was to become the media, but he evidently underestimated the persistent zeal of well financed political scavengers, who have turned the media into a predictable ministry of propaganda. We live in a world where you don’t really need to pick up a newspaper, to realize what is in fact going on. Indeed, if you read the papers and do not place events in historical context, the media can be extremely misleading. We obviously need a competent media, and there is very little evidence that we in fact have one. On the contrary, the evidence suggests that the media is exceedingly deceptive.

 The “group think” mentality of the media is absolutely astounding. Consider the posthumous, inane effort to essentially “impeach” the presidency of JFK Jr.'s father. How many seasoned reporters have you heard, who make nonsensical claims like “we had no idea this was going on while he was the President”? Astoundingly, the foundation of this revisionism is essentially the whining of Mafia interests who sought to turn the Kennedy Justice Department into a Mafia asset. In particular, convicted perjurer and Mafia love interest Judith Campbell, a resentful woman who was on the receiving end of the Kennedy crackdown on organized crime, viewed Kennedy with the contempt that Linda Tripp and Lucianne Goldberg reserve for Bill Clinton. Nothing that any of these people say has any bearing on reality, yet the fickle rumors of yesteryear are the foundation of claims like “we didn’t know what was going on”. They knew exactly what was going on, the only difference is that an industry of gossip mongers did not dominate national attention to the extent that it does today and the Anne Coulters of the world did not receive a national media platform, to promote lunatic theories like “high crimes and misdemeanors” are essentially anything that president Clinton does or says. We do not pretend to know everybody that President Clinton and John F. Kennedy had sex with, but it does not take great genius to determine the fact that the rumors are greatly exaggerated and exploited. And we have certainly been made aware of the fact that when the "sex police" patrol, there are absolutely no sexual secrets. As a matter of fact, J. Edgar Hoover makes Ken Starr look like a Boy Scout, and anybody who thinks that genuine evidence of an affair between Kennedy and Monroe would not have been front page news is exceedingly deluded. Moreover, the changing stories of resentful, hateful people like Judith Campbell are anything but credible, and it is pure fraud to use such as the foundation to demonstrate the so called “dark side of Camelot”. Indeed, the real dark side is ignorance and a multi-billion dollar publishing industry that promotes fictitious accounts of history. In particular, nothing encourages ignorant bigots more than the knowledge that they can target and destroy their enemies without fear of exposure and nothing exposes their unbridled arrogance more than the murder of John F. Kennedy Jr. The media has been grossly irresponsible, and that is no exaggeration. The only question is, will the media ever set the record straight?




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