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Hi! I'm Tesla and I'm a Tibetan Terrier

Welcome to the world of Tesla Roosevelt Johnpoll,
Canine Dustmop and All Around Important Member of the Household
(and a Good Girl, too!)
I'm so glad you've clicked on my page. I don't get nearly enough attention....
(Or nearly enough food. But that's another story.)

Tibetan Terriers (and their cousins the Lhasa Apsos, the Shih Tzus, the Tibetan Mastiffs, the Tibetan Spaniels....and who else did I forget?) are very special dogs.

Don't believe me? Check this out:
This site has a lot of good information about Tibetan Terriers:

There are lots of other good sites, too, and Mom promises to add links to them as she gets the time to work on it.

Me, I'm the Greta Garbo type. See for yourself! click here to see me It takes a long time to load (I'm at the bottom of the picture...pout! whine!) but I think I'm worth it. Or you can see my intellectual side in this picture. Please note it's the business section of THE OREGONIAN I'm reading. I'm a business savvy kind of a pup, you know. Well. SOMEONE has to keep Mom and Dad from giving everything away!

Mom writes fiction, although she's never been paid for it. She recently started writing a lot of fiction about me and my canine cyber-friends. Since she never gets paid for her fiction anyway, she's decided to just plumb GIVE it away. So as she finishes a piece, she'll put it here for all to enjoy.

If you want to see something Mom's written that isn't fiction, go to Hearthstone Community Church, Inc. You'll have to go to the newsletter archives and hunt around for the Kitchen Witch articles.

Oh, yeah, click here to see Mom. This is a really old picture of her, though, so don't expect to pick her out of a crowd after seeing it. (I, of course, would know her anywhere. But that's because she's my MOM!)

Meanwhile, please be patient, 'cause Mom says we're


So I'm going to go snooze in the living room where it's safe. (Mom is a little crazed during construction. She's a little crazed just cleaning the living room. Uh Can you come rescue me, please? Please?)

(Mom says she's sorry the picture is so big, but it represents how much fur I really have.)

You can write to me care of my mom.

There are some who believe that Tibetan Terriers are reincarnations of Tibetan monks. The Free Tibet web site has lots of stuff about what's happening in Tibet. Tibet is furry, furry important to me. Please click on the flag and check it out.

Check it out, Mom put up a story!
WOW! Mom put up another story! Cool, huh?
Mom's been a busy, busy writer. This makes THREE stories, and she says she's working on a fourth! Click here for her interpretation of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," TT style!

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