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A "Candle in the Wilderness" can be seen from afar...if you look


This is my personal web site. This is where you will be able to access all my other web sites as well as be able to learn more about me (if you're interested). Some of my web site design customers wonder why I direct them to this page past "all that right-wing" stuff. Am I not afraid of losing customers? No, I'm not. If a customer can be lost because I search for, and disseminate the truth, then so be it. Ronald Reagan said: "If some among you fear taking a stand because you are afraid of reprisals from customers, clients, or even government, recognize that you are just feeding the crocodile hoping he'll eat you last." I think that's one of his most profound statements.

Another thing that puts things into perspective is this, from George Orwell's "1984." PROTECTIVE STUPIDITY: "Crimestop means the faculty of stopping short, as though by instinct, at the threshold of any dangerous thought. It includes the power of not grasping analogies, of failing to perceive logical errors, of misunderstanding the simplest arguments if they are inimical to Ingsoc (English Socialism there, or simply what the government wants you to think) and of being bored or repelled by any train of thought which is capable of leading in a 'heretical' direction. Crimestop means, in short, protective stupidity." If you're one who would dismiss what I say, I ask only one thing: read what I say first and do your own research. Don't dismiss what I say through lack of information. And if you can prove that a single thing I say is untrue, I'd be grateful.

Back in the sixties, I was a "rabid right-wing extremist" who thought we only had about fifteen years left as a free nation. I had bought into all the "conspiracy theory" stuff and really thought it was all a single conspiracy. That "they" were just about to "take over." I wrote and published many pamphlets (Which was no easy task back then because photo offset printing had just been invented. I could print anything I wanted, but typesetting was so expensive as to be out of reach. So I relied on my typewriter and photostats to get my pamphlets into print.). In one case, I even resorted to handwriting the original (fortunately, being a sign painter, I had good handwriting). I still have copies of that pamphlet, called: "Remember Pearl Harbor?" which equated many of the things that were happening then to what happened just before the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

I was really afraid for the future of this country. I buttonholed everybody I could think of and tried to tell them about the coming "takeover." Some responded, but way too many said: "yeah, yeah," and then went to a movie. Soon I was "burned out," and because of the massive apathy I saw, I decided there was nothing I could do and was so angry I decided to just ignore politics and "do my thing" as long as I could.

I went off in another direction entirely. I had found out in my sales operations that 80% of my sales were made by 20% of my people. That the majority of the sales made by that 20% were made by 25% of them (5% of the total), that nothing I did seemed to be able to change that. That was when I discovered the field of "personal motivation." I studied that field for almost five years intensely and I'm still studying it.. I wrote many monographs and conducted seminars for not only my own salespeople, but for other groups, too. I found out why those figures were true, but I also learned that I still couldn't change them. But I could make sure there were more "Five Percenters" in my organization than in anybody else's. It must have worked. My organization sold more of my company's products in 1969 than anyone else in the country, and led the world in sales the next year.

But I still had many questions about politics even though I was avoiding paying attention to current events. One of the things I had always wondered is why people like Rockefeller promoted Socialism even though under Socialism he would lose his fortune. In my quest to find the answer to this and other questions, I discovered Objectivism with the help of my brothers Bob and Rick.

When I began to study Objectivism I found the answer to this question: It was the power. Rockefeller had never had to worry about where his next dollar was coming from. He had always had more money than he could have spent in several lifetimes. There were no more worlds for him to conquer...except for the ability to control others.

One of the most powerful motivators is the power to control what other people may or may not do. To have "life or death" power: the power to make others kowtow to you and seek your favor. Ayn Rand called people who wanted this power "The Second-Handers." People who lived for the approval of others, even if that approval was forced. I call them "power seekers." the people who seek power over others in order to be fulfilled.

I also learned, as I studied Objectivism, that there could not be a single conspiracy to take over this country. It would fail by the very fact of its size. There were many conspiracies, all fueled by the same philosophy: collectivism. What makes it appear to be a single conspiracy is the way so many people and groups all seem to work together so seamlessly to gain the same kinds of ends. But it doesn't really make any difference whether there is one conspiracy or hundreds. The answer in both cases is the same: investigation and exposure. Massive single conspiracy or many, they can't survive if their plans are exposed to the light of day. Conspiracies to take over governments are as old as government itself. This very country was born out of one. So for people to deny the very idea of conspiracies today just because this is America is folly. Ayn Rand's Objectivist philosophy explains why there are many conspiracies, and why they are the deadliest threat we face today.

Many people criticize Ayn Rand and ignore the tremendous impact of the philosophy she espoused because she had made a subjective decision that her philosophy left no room for religion. But to deny the reality of her philosophy of Objectivism because she was human and made the mistake of denying the existence of a supreme being that ordered this universe is a tragedy. I am a student of Objectivist philosophy and religion is where I part company with her. I believe there is a "supreme being" who orders this universe. But my view of him (her?) may not be the same as anyone else's. I listen to Rush Limbaugh too. But I don't agree with everything he says, either.

As a matter of fact, it was listening to Rush Limbaugh while sitting on my brother Bob's porch on one of my visits to Indianapolis that convinced me to stop ignoring politics and take an active role in helping to "wake people up" to the danger they face. I felt that if he could become so successful talking to people like me, there might be some hope for America.

I am an individual and, as an individual, I make my own decisions about all things after due research. Those decisions are based on reality, not on somebody else's dogma that has been "force-fed" to me. As such, I have made Objectivist philosophy my life's guide. Not because I have "bought" someone's dogma but because I have found it to be a philosophy I can live by after many years of study and practice.

Objectivism has made clear to me the reasons why the power seekers use "forced altruism" as a tool to create a dependency class they can control. Who have used the promise of "bread and circuses" to cause people to keep voting to keep them in power to keep the goodies flowing. You can find lots of information about that on the "Forced Altruism" web site using the link below. If you decide you'd like to continue to learn more on a regular basis, subscribe to the "Forced Altruism" List and the "Beyond Common Sense" online newsletter by clicking their links, also below.

One of the power seeker scams that is growing day by day is their effort to take over control of what is taught to your children in school without your interference, by destroying the rights of the parents and the family unit itself. To do so, they have made the child protection services their tool to destroy the family. To learn more about that, and to protect your own children, click the link for the "Child Protector Watch" web site and read the information that is there. There are also many links to other sites that can help you not only to learn about it, but also to help you when they come for you.

And don't think they never will because you don't abuse your children. That has never made a difference. Even if you have no children of your own, they can still "get you" at will if they want to because in their courts, proof is not a requirement. Don't believe it? Go to the web site, read the reports there, and be very afraid. But also be comforted that if you know about their scams and schemes, you can win against them as my son and I did.

Also on this page is a link to a site that can help you get your own web site designed very inexpensively. Most web site designers won't even talk to you for less than $1,000 or more because they want to exercise their creativity at your expense. You don't really need all those large graphics and other gimmicks that cause your page to load so slowly people give up in disgust and go somewhere else. The pages we design are simple ones such as the one you're looking at now. Simple, but effective. Check it out and contact us.

My Web Sites

The Forced Altruism web site: Where you learn how the power seekers use "forced altruism" to slowly take your rights using your own money so they can control everything you do. The drive for power over others is a powerful force. Many people live to have that power and will do just about anything to get it.

The "Child Protector Watch" web site: Learn about the power seekers' scheme to control what is taught to your children without your interference. They know that in order to have an easy time of it in controlling others later, they need to teach this nation's children that collectivism is the way to go -- now. Hitler knew it and Stalin knew it. Today's power seekers have learned from them and are working like beavers to destroy parental authority over their children by false accusations of child abuse and treating every accusation, no matter how far-fetched, as if it were true, then using the courts to violate parent's civil rights. They put innocent parents in prison on a regular basis to accomplish these aims. The information on this site is documented. Read it and be warned.

Stay Alive Longer: The web site that shows you how to do just that. Your body was designed to last up to 120 years unless you die early due to accident or illness. You're eating food that contains little or no nutrient value because of the depletion of minerals from the soil, which causes you to die early as a result of a debilitating nutritional deficiency. Don't just mark me off as a "kook." Go here and read the documented evidence including a report to Congress from a doctor who spent many years in research of this problem. Another thing that will kill you is your doctor or hospital (by accident or incompetence) and what the government allows cosmetic and personal care manufacturers to put in the things you put on and in your body. Again, this information is documented. Read it and make up your own mind.

The THOMA$ REPORT: A "secondary news source" where we search the Internet for news stories the mainstream media would rather you didn't see. Stories that disagree with their "spin" on things. Spin that upholds the power seekers in our government and keeps you ignorant of what they are doing to you. Stories that are often treated as "local stories" so you won't tumble to the fact that some things are widespread. We bring these stories to your attention on a daily basis. This site is updated several times a day, and there is a date and time line at the beginning of the page to tell you the last time it was updated. We give you a short synopsis on what the story covers, along with a URL to allow you to go directly to the story, wherever it is. If you'd like to be sent an email every day telling you what we're covering that day and giving you an easy URL to get to our site in case you don't have a record of it, you can sign up for it there just by entering your email address and clicking on a box. Check it out and be better informed.

The "Simple Web Site" web site: Where you learn how easy it is to get a simple web site of your own designed inexpensively. Most web site designers won't even talk to you for less than a thousand dollars. They want exercise their "creativity" at your expense. You don't need all those expensive and slow-loading graphics, graphic maps, and other fancy stuff that just ends up costing you money. We design simple, but effective web sites for a lot less.

Reduce Our Dependence on Foreign Oil: One of the major problems we have today is our dependence on foreign oil. this site shows you how we can help significantly reduce this country's dependence on foreign oil and even make some money doing it.

My Newsletters and Discussion Lists

TheForced Altruism List: Get daily updates on the power seeker scams and suggestions on what to do about it. If what you read on the Forced Altruism Scam web site enraged you and made you want to know more, here is a way to get daily updates on information the mainstream media and the power seekers don't want you to know, while being able to make your own comments to the entire Discussion List by sending one email.

The THOMA$ REPORT: An email List to let you know each day what we're covering in the THOMA$ REPORT. Every day we send you a short email telling you what we're covering that day and giving you an easy URL to go there and read it, just in case you didn't make a record of it. We don't use your email address for anything else and we don't sell it. It's good to sign up for this List in case Yahoo (GeoCities) ever shuts us down because they don't like our content, or for any other reason. Then we can tell you where we went.

Information Central: Important Articles of Enduring Interest

Articles: This collection of articles are mostly what I've written on the various subjects I feel are of enduring interest and which ought to be available any time. Some are links from several of my web sites and others are links to articles on other people's sites. Others are reposts with permission. But all are important. The links are posted alphabetically by subject. Since this page will be constantly "under construction," with new articles being added all the time, you should bookmark it and return to it regularly.

Links to Other Information Sources

Other soures: This collection of links will take you to many sources of vital information you need to help you retain your freedom.

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A number of people have expressed a wish to see what I look like. For those who are interested, here is a picture of me: Click Here.

HELP: I've thought long and hard about this. I don't like soliciting money for doing what I'm doing. But if I had money to replace my job, I could spend more time doing this work, rather than spend eight hours a day doing something "mindless" in order to be able to eat. I spend an average of six hours a day (or more) reading, researching, and writing what goes into this, and my other web sites, as well as the posts I make to my own, and several other Lists. I get an average of 200 to 300 emails a day, all of which I must spend time dealing with. Even while at work I'm thinking about what I do here.

This work is very important to me and I will continue until I can no longer do it whether or not anybody sends money. But it would help me to be able to spend more time on it if people sent something to help with it. According to the government, you can make a gift of up to $9,999 a year without it being counted as income for either of us. That's kind of a "poor man's 501 (3) (c)," which I do not have, and don't intend to try for because that gives them a measure of control over what I write. I'm not suggesting you send that much. Anything you can spare will help, even a few dollars. And it is not charity. I am performing a needed service. If you feel that you and others are getting some good out of what I do, please help. If not, don't. I will not engage in the kind of "guilt-trip" building in which the looters engage, and I will have no hard feelings for those who don't help. This is something I must do, with or without help. My postal address is: P. O. Box 16247, Denver, CO 80216-0247.