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Kathleen Noone, The Real Queen of the Night

News in Brief: NBC has Cancelled Sunset Beach. But to save the show please visit the link at the bottom of the page and join the Campaign to save it!

This page was created by two young girls from Sweden as a Tribute to Kathleen Noone who portrays Bette Katzenkazrahi brilliantly on the NBC soap "Sunset Beach".

Kathleen was born on Januray 8th and was raised in Hillsdale, New Jersey. When she was 13 she performed in her first musical, "Finnian's Rainbow". She has also made a living working as a jazz-singer. She has starred in the tv-shows "Love of Life", "As The World Turns", "One Life to Live", "All My Children", "Frasier", "Ellen", "Party of Five", "Murphy Brown", "Ned and Stacy", "Love and War", "The Faculty" and "Knots Landing". She was part of the "All My Children" cast for 11 years and in 1987 she won an "Emmy" for the role as Ellen Chandler. She has in all together been nominated to two "Emmy"s and three "Soap Opera Digest Award"s. She was part of the "Knots Landing" for three years. One of her favourite things to have done is co-producing "The Crimson Thread" starring Stephanie Zimbalist. Kathleen has also starred in the movies "Skeletons" and "Citizen Ruth". She enjoys walking, especielly in Yosemite. She is currently living in Los Angeles.

As you've now read she has had a long career and is very apprisiated as an actress. The writers of Sunset Beach should be thrilled that she recently signed on for another year of the show. Why? Because she is their Queen of the Night! Here are some pictures at Kathleen on her own.

Five famous lines by Kathleen Noone:

1. "Annie, when I look at you I see myself, and that worries me."

Said by Kathleen as Bette on Sunset Beach.

2. "Well, what's this pig doing here?"

Said by her as Ellie on "Party of Five" when the character first met her daughter's boyfriend.

3. "Well, Poopsie... I got good, bad and great news. I got a job, lost my place in the Pasific Palisades and... I'm moving in!!!"

Saif by her as Bette on SB when she informed her niece that she was coming to live with her.

4. "But you helped me between my marriages to my 3rd and 4th husband. Or was it my 5th and 6th...? No, it was my 4th and 5th!"

Said by her as Bette about her seven marriages.


Said by her as Bette on SB when she was talking Swedish (!)

If you wanna write to Kathleen the address is:

Kathleen Noone

Sunset Beach

c/o NBC-TV

3000W. Alameda Ave

Burbank, CA 91523


One of us did do it and recieved an autograph and a note from Kathleen. Unfortunately we don't have a scanner to scan it with.

This page was last updated on September 30th. In week 40 there will be a message board and some polls added to this page.

NEW: Some Pictures at Kathleen with other stars from "Sunset Beach".

With Lesley-Anne Down (Olivia):

With Sarah Buxton (Annie): align = center>

With Peter Barton (Eddie):

With Cristi Ellen Harris (Emily):

With both Lesley-Anne Down (Olivia) and Leigh Taylor-Young (Elaine).


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