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One gloriously sunny day, you are walking through a very dense forest. Upon approaching what looks like the end, you come upon a huge castle, hidden well within the forest and sheltered by steep mountains. As you enter the clearing before the castle, you notice an intricately designed sign signifying that you have come upon ...

[Dragon Realm Estate Welcome]

Suddenly, you stop. Strange noises come from beyong the castle walls. There is a light melodic feminine laughter which is joined by a deeper masculine laughter. Then a third laughter rings out, stranger and much deeper. Cautiously, you proceed forward to investigate the source of the noises.

While you attempt to determine the source of the noises, a rather large golden feathered and furred gryphon is standing before you. Fear rises from your stomach upon seeing his razor sharp talons and menacing beak. He cocks his beautifully dangerous head sideways and looks at you with dark pools of warmth and curiosity.

Nervously, you stammer a greeting, your voice shakes "Hello??"

[Balendyn Gold Gryphon] "Hello"

Quickly, you take a step back, (do grpyhons speak?).

"Do not be afraid of Balendyn". The rider quietly laughs to herself, sensing your nervousness and fear. "He only looks mean and dangerous, but he is very friendly, as well as the Guardian of my Estate". Feeling more at ease, you slowly and cautiously approach the gryphon, he opens his beak, in a sort of gryphon type smile and you step back again. Seeing how deadly his beak can be. He lowers his head, cautiously you reach out, stroking the downy soft feathers, "He's so soft." A deep rumble erupts from him as he enjoys the kind attentions offered.

"Indeed he is very soft. I am very sorry for the fright he may have caused you, but there have been several attempted raids upon my castle. He is just being wary of wanderers. Oh, please forgive me for not introducing myself, my name is Veronyka".
With quickness and expertise, the rider gracefully dismounts. Standing before you is a tall, well shaped woman with a medium-dark complexion, raven black hair, and sparkling dark brown eyes. Smiling, she extends her hand in friendship. "I am the owner of this Estate. You have met the only grpyhon here. He was adopted April 6, 1999 from Gryphon Moon when the Estate was established. Translated, his name means 'strong and brave' from the ancient Latin language, a name suitable for a gate guardian. Come with me and I will show you the rest of the Estate, my co-owner and the rest of the inhabitants."

[Enter the Estate]
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