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The First Weebots Webpage

What is a Weebot? Well, some people would say that it is a copy of a Furby, but it is not, it is something completely different.

Weebots are an electronic toy you can buy at The Sharper Image.
On The Sharper Image's webpage, they describe Weebots as, " These "wee robots" are a lot like electronic puppies -- animated, fun, cute, and unpredictable -- and they're ready to be adopted as companions for both kids and grown-ups. Amble, Chirple, and Bleep are easy to love, but can be a real handful, too. Each is quite full of its own friendly -- but independent -- personality with bright eyes, a funny voice, a curious walk, some strange dances, and amusing habits. If you're looking for an unusual pet that will be loyal forever, meet the Weebots!"

A Weebot does not speak English, but it speaks in codes of beeps and whistles and other noises. You talk back to your Weebot through a wireless transmitter. This remote control also lets you move Weebot and give him other various commands, and, like any real pet, he might listen, and he might not.

Another great thing about Weebots, is that they can be told to be in a certain mode. You can make your Weebot go to sleep, or, if you just want things a little quieter, you can put it in desktop mode. Weebot's voice will be lowered.

There are three kinds of Weebots with three different names. Amble has a lunar-white body with red trim; Chirple is pulsar purple with green trim; Bleep is aurora blue with yellow trim.

Like I said before, you can buy them at The Sharper Image. They cost $39.00.

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