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You will need the following to access #The^Journey chat channel

Access to the internet

An Internet Relay Channel Program

List of Servers


Announcement: The anxiety_panic chat channel is now known as The^Journey. It is accessed the same way as before. The instructions are as follows. #The^Journey is a chat channel created to give anyone who suffers from anxiety/panic attacks a place to come and tell their story. Everyone that comes to the channel has had or knows someone that has experienced anxiety/panic attacks. The people that visit are understanding and always there for someone who may be having a bad day. We invite you to come and join us. We meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights at 10:00 pm eastern standard time 7:00 pm pacific standard time. The channel is open for chat at all times. Hope to see you there. I have finally added some pictures of the regulars at The^Journey to the site click here to see them.

Click here for instructions on the IRC java applet

For those of you that have a java ready browser, Netscape 4.0 or higher, you can access the The^Journey chat channel right here from the Anxiety/Panic Attack Resource Site. You can download netscape 4.x and use the IRC Java chat or you can follow the instructions below to connect using mIRC.

To connect to #The^Journey chat channel the first thing needed is access to the internet. Next you must have an internet relay channel program loaded on your computer. I recommend mIRC 5.31 32bit.

To download

mIRC Click Here

NOTE: I have changed servers for the The^Journey chat channel. Below are the new instructions on how to connect to the channel.


Once you have the IRC (Internet Relay Channel Program) loaded on your computer, start the program. The first thing you will see is the mIRC setup box. Here you will add your name, e-mail address, nickname, and an alternate nickname. Also if you look under the tabs at the top of the box there will be a drop down menu.

I have moved The^Journey chat channel to There should be approximately eighteen different servers. You can choose the one closest to you.

Once you have all of the information filled out and have chosen one of the servers click ok. At the top of the mIRC box you will see quite a few different icons across the top of the screen. The first icon on the left will be a yellow lightening bolt. Click on this icon to connect to the server. is different than other servers. With them you can register your nickname. That way it belongs to you and no one else will be able to use it.

Once you are connected to it will come up and let you know if your nickname is registered by someone else already. If so, you will need to change your nickname. Once you have your have your nickname chosen this is where you can register it. Type in:

/msg NickServ REGISTER password

Replace the word "password" with a password that you choose. Be sure and write it down as you will need it when you log on again. My nick name is Arana. After you have finished registering your nickname type in

/join #The^Journey

This will bring you into the chat channel. Good luck and if you have any problems connecting you can contact me at the e-mail address listed at the bottom of the page.

Please *click here* to register for The^Journey chat channel. You will be sent a confirmation e-mail stating your registration was received.

Good luck and hope to see you there.

If you have any questions *click here* to page me. NOTE: Please fill in all of the fields. I have received several messages with no return e-mail address or ICQ number for me to respond.



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