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Welcome to the
Southwest Highway 115
Volunteer Fire Department

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   SW115 VFD is a small department located in the southwestern corner of El Paso County. Our jurisdiction extends from Fort Carson Gate 5 and Highway 115 south to the Fremont/El Paso County line. Our primary protection district runs along the west side of Highway 115. South West Highway 115 VFD protects a primarily residential area situated along the foothills of Cheyenne Mountain. We serve the community with a total of 23 personnel and six trucks located at both the Robert F. Weller Fire Station 15580 Calle Rojo Drive and station one 160 Pawnee Road.

   SW115VFD is led into action by Chief Mel Ryan. Chief Ryan is a retired law enforcement officer from El Paso County, where he spent many years in active duty.

Southwest Highway 115 Fire Station One

   SW115VFD has been in service for over 15 years and was created and organized in 1996 to provide fire protection to the residents of Rock Creek Canyon and many other residential areas along the western side of the Highway 115 corridor.

   The fire district is comprised of mainly residential areas amidst the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The department provides fire protection in the residential areas and wildland fire protection in the forest land that forms the district.

   Please use the buttons below to view our equipment, personnel roster and other information. Email the Chief at or email the department at

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