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Rosetta Stone/
Rock Pictures
If Paradise Is Half As NiceL. Battishi, J. Fishman
PennyMitchell, McKee's, LeGear
At The DiscoD. Dundas, R. Greenway
Sunshine Of Your LoveP. Brown, J. Bruce, E. Clapton
Rock 'n Roll (I'm Coming Home)P. Ives
Judy, Judy, JudyI. Sane
Drive OnMitchell, McKee's, LeGear
AngelinaMitchell, McKee's, LeGear
Steel WillieMitchell, McKee's, LeGear
Free As A BirdM. D'Abo, M. Smith
You Really Got MeR. Davis

Caught In The Act 1979
Door to the Party
Ain't Nothing But a House Party
Na Na Na
Who You Are
No Better Than the Rest
Try It On
Gonna Grab It
Hey Little Girl
Now's the Time
Play the Game

Hiding From Love 1982
Hiding From LoveAdams, Kagner, Vallance
When You're Standing ThereC. McKee
Goodbye GuitarmanJ. Zwart
Too Bad (You Won't Be Back)LeGear, McKee's, Walsh

Sunshine of Your LoveP. Brown, J. Bruce, E. Clapton1977
Steel WillieMitchell, McKee's, LeGear1977
If Paradise Is Half as NiceL. Battisti, J. Fishman1978
Drive OnMitchell, McKee's, LeGear1978
Try It OnN. Chinn, M. Chapman1978
Gonna Grab ItMitchell, McKee's, LeGear1978
ShielaT. Roe1978
I Don't Like ItMitchell, McKee's, LeGear1978
Flexi Disk Interview 1978
If You Could See Me Now (Loving Arms)T. Janis1980
Boys In ActionLeGear, McKee's, Lerwill1980
It's All Been Done BeforeLeGear, McKee's, Lerwill1980
I Don't Like SchoolLeGear, McKee's, Lerwill1980
When I Get Back to YouLeGear, McKee's, Lerwill1980
London GirlsB. Adams1981
Hiding From LoveAdams, Kagner, Vallance1981
Straight From the HeartB. Adams1982
When You're Standing ThereC. McKee1982
Goodbye GuitarmanJ. Zwart1982
Too BadLeGear, McKee's, Walsh1982