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The Administrators welcome you to the Glittering Royal Events Message Board and are pleased to enlighten you on some rules you are kindly asked to follow while posting.

First and foremost, please remember that this forum is meant to discuss official royal events, and as such you are asked not to bring to the GREMB issues that can have its place on other Message Boards, some of which are linked from the top of the main page. From some of these Message Boards you can access other websites where you might try and find information before posting questions on the Boards.

The target issues of the GREMB are the protocol and ceremonial aspects of the activities of the World’s Royal Families, illustrated by pictures in as much as possible (see more information for pictures below). Issues such as guest lists to royal events, attires of members of the Royal Families (their dresses and uniforms, their orders and jewels) and flashbacks to royal events in the past are the principal aim of this Message Board, created for everyone’s enjoyment.

Please have in mind that potentially controversial issues (such as the appropriateness of the choice of consorts by the members of the Royal Families) are to be kept away from the Board as much as possible. Occasionally, the Administrators may, at their sole discretion, allow issues regarding ceremonial non-royal events (including, for example, the inauguration of presidents and state funerals). Whenever such issues are allowed, any (political or other) comments on the persons involved rather than the ceremonial aspects of the event will be deleted without further notice.

Respect is a fundamental value of this Message Board, be it respect for other posters, materialized in the absence of any form of personal attack, or be it for members of the Royal Families and those related to them. Any post that is considered inappropriate in any sense by the Administrators will be immediately edited or deleted. Depending on the seriousness of the case, the poster might be subject to a temporary or a permanent ban from the GREMB. Temporary bans will only be removed upon contact with the Administrators through e-mail.

You are absolutely free to express your opinions in as much as they remain harmless to other posters and to members of the Royal Families and other public figures in general. But any thread or post considered to be harmful shall be immediately dealt with. The GREMB is a moderated Message Board and the limits of good sense and harmony shall always prevail over those of absolute freedom of speech. If you have any questions on why your post might have been deleted, you are kindly asked not to post those questions on the Message Board but rather contact the Admninistrators, who shall contact you as soon as they can.

On especially hectic moments in terms of royal activity and having in mind the limited capacity of the Message Board (250 messages with no archives), messages that would usually not be deleted might be so to save some space for pictures. Not only then but as a general method, please try and assemble your comments and questions on one single post and not spread those along the thread. Please try and post more than one picture per post, especially when they are about the same issue.

Before starting a new thread, please take a look at the MB to make sure that there is not already an existing thread discussing the same matter, except if the previous one has become too long and risks quick disappearance. The Admnistrators reserve the right to delete or merge duplicate threads. When starting a new thread, please post a title that reflects the contents and information within the thread so that fellow posters are not misled.

We kindly ask you not to post in caps, as it is considered yelling in MB language.

On what pictures are concerned, we take this opportunity to give you some tips and suggestions. Find the picture you want to post, having in mind that it must already be online. Right click on it and choose “Properties”. Copy the URL you will see (the part that looks like a web address and starts with http://). Copy that address and be sure to copy it completely, since sometimes it is very long. To post just one picture, use the "Optional Image URL:" box below the "Message:" box (the last of the three below). Just paste the address there.

If you want to put more than one picture in one post, use the following HTML code as many times as you want in the Message box:

All you have to do is copy the URL of the photo between the quotes. Be sure to write the formula exactly as it appears here, the only space being between "img" and "src". Each time you put this formula in the text you shall get a picture. It is advisable to use the "preview" button before posting, to see if all is OK. If you want to put the pictures in the centre of the post, please use the following formula before the pictures:

If you would like to post a photo from your personal archive, you might try and use Photobucket Image hosting & Online photo albums, while to find news images we suggest that you visit Getty Images Editorial, POLFOTO, Seeger-Press, Imagine Scandinavia and Corbis. When posting pictures from Getty Images, please include the URL in the "Optional Link URL:" box (in case it is one single picture) or, being more than one, post it under the respective picture HTML code in the "Message:" box, since the pictures from this archive sometimes do not appear. In such case, after clicking in the URL address in the posted message, you shall click "Enter" over the address bar on the top of your browser.

Please do always quote the origin of your picture. When you copy pictures or text from other Message Boards or sites, you are kindly required to mention whose courtesy it is, so that we can always give credit to those who give up their precious time to work for other’s pleasure. If you are quoting another member's post and the post has a picture in it, please do not use the same image in your reply. Using such image can be draining the bandwidth of a fellow posters' photo-account.

With this, we wish you will enjoy reading and posting on the GREMB and make everyone’s lives a little bit more glittering. Should you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

December 2005, the Administrators