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Youth and Heroes

Fashion fads for men were often based on the heroes of the moment, such as sports figures. Golfers Bobby Jones and Wlater Hagen, tennis player Bill Tilden, and swimmer Johnny Weissmuller provided youth with clothing styles as well as record-breaking performances. Football players such as Red Grange and the Four Horsemen of Notre Dame promoted the fashions of coats, such as the raccoon coat and camel hair polo coat. World famous aviator Charles Lindbergh inspired a craze of leather driving jackets. The young Prince of Wales, with is easy charm and good taste in suits, also became a symbol of male fashionability.


While Americans were worshiping youthful sports heroes, the general dress of Americans was becoming more youthful looking. Men were abanding the hefty-looking, broad-shouldered suits for skinnier, unpadded, more boyish looking jackets.

Suit pants also underwent a major change. Creases appeared on the front and the sides while cuffs replaced flat hems. Pants were fastened by buttons or hooks. Belts also started to replace the suspender as the device used to hold up pants.

The Collegiate Styles

The worship of youth also brought about a following of the fashions worn of college campuses. For some reason, American men adopted extraordianry pants from Oxford University. These pants were baggy
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