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Life has changed drastically for many of us in our town the last few weeks. While many of us were still assimilating the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11th, the anthrax scares, and our country being in war, other evils were being waged in spiritual realms.

A strong prayer warrior friend of mine and her daughter mysteriously disappeared from their home on November 13th. Even now, weeks later, we still know very little about what has happened to them and where they are.  We do know something horrible occurred in the home that day, but no details are being shared with the public.

It is more than disturbing on a physical level, but on a spiritual one, it is cause for life changes. There is no doubt in my mind that satan chose to take Jennifer out of the war she was in for the Kingdom.  Whether or not he was successful is known only by God and maybe one other person on this earth.

Jennifer has been an intercessor for several years, and has enlisted others in the battle. Now, we are without her. but as I watch our pastor, I see in him what I want to be seen in me. He has not left the war. He holds onto the hope that God will return this family safe to us.  Abby is his daughter's best friend.  In the meantime, though his heart is hurting beyond anything I can imagine, he continues to pray for others and to serve His God..... the one he tells others about-- the One  Jennifer has taught Abby about. He continues to talk about God's promises and His faithfulness.  He also reminds us that we are not the judge...that is God's job.  Our job is to love one another.

"For such a time as this," is a scripture quote that has repeated itself in my head since the day I heard about Jennifer and Abby's disappearances.  Jennifer and I had talked before about the dangers of being an intercessor because the enemy does not want us praying for others. She and I were very aware of the danger we face spiritually, as well as physically..... or at least we thought we were.  I have no doubt that even if she had a sense of what may be in her future, she would not have have stopped her prayer life in any way.  I can only hope that is true for me as well.

So now, what do we do? What do I learn from this time and how do I go on?  What can I share with you when I cannot say, "Jennifer and Abby are home safe?"   I can tell you that they are still in God's hands no matter where they are.   I can tell you that "no evil formed against them will prosper."  These are promises God has given us - and He never breaks his promises.

Psalm 27:14   tells us to "be strong and let your heart take courage."  

I pray for Jennifer and Abby to be strong and full of courage from their Father.     I ask you to pray with me for them too. And as we pray, we wait for His move.  

  I apply this to any circumstances we may be facing right now-- whether it be the war, personal battles and fears, or physical dangers. We wait for God's move in our lives, and as we wait, we can learn HOW to wait on the Lord:

Patiently: Father, may we not make quick decisions that may be wrong and force an action when you are planning a different approach and outcome. May we wait until we are certain that You have spoken to us.

Quietly: May we not drown You out with our anxiety!

Full of trust:  Remove our doubt so You are not blocked from working in and through us. We know Your Word and Promises are unfailingly true!

Steadfastly:  May we not act on impulse or follow advice of others. May we know without a doubt that You are using people and circumstances. Before we act, let us know it is in agreement with Your Word.

Courageously: Help us to suffer difficult and harsh circumstances . Strengthen us through the trials and increase our faith.  Help us lay aside our anxieties and remember that You are in control and that You have our very best in mind.  


We thank You and praise You, father, that You have not left us alone . We look forward to what you have for us, knowing that You do have plans for each of us and they are not to harm us, but to give us a hope and a future.  May we give You all the glory and praise always! 

In Jesus' name, we pray,


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