Praise God! 

I’m Discouraged, Weak and Weary! 


Isaiah 40:27-31

1 Chronicles 17-20


Can you recall a time when you have felt totally drained, as if the plug to your power source had been pulled, and you could see no way you could go on any further? If so, I challenge you to look at that time as a time of great blessings.


Yes, during that time you may have found yourself, as I have, guilty of whining, complaining and questioning your value. I recently have gone through a long period of time like this.. And have decided to call it “one of those desert experiences.” I’m reminded of the Israelites and the complaining they did, even as they were able to see God’s power with them every day. I am no different than they were. Just like them, I feel like I am being buried in problems, pain and fatigue, and am held down by fear and discouragement. What is actually happening to me though is a “burnout.” Now there’s a word we can all grab onto and use as our excuse! We’re not complaining- we’re just “expressing our emotions.”

Not so. Join me as I share with you a wonderful message I was given today from His Word!

There is wonderful healing relief for us in Isaiah 40:27-31.

We may be experiencing weakness but we are reminded that our Father “does not become weary or tired.” (vs. 28) We can plug into His power. We can lean on His strength which will never fail nor decrease! As He restored us in the past, He will do again and again! Think about the possibilities before us-- we have a never-ending source of power that No one can take away from us. No one can unplug us from His power. Only when we seek our power from other sources do we find ourselves in a blackout.

In our times of weariness, we can claim the promise that “He gives strength to the weary,” (THAT'S US!) and power “to those who have no might.” He will give us just exactly what we need- just as He gave the Israelites the manna they needed. Our problem is we are looking for our own idea of what we need. If the Israelites needed steak and potatoes, that is precisely what He would have provided. If what we need is a total healing of our body ailments, then He would provide that just as He did others we read about in the Bible. But since when does a perfect God need a perfect vessel to do His work? He desires our willingness, and He supplies the rest.

When discouragement stops us cold, we can wait on Him and find that “..those who wait on the Lord will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary.” Often my problem is that I think I know what God wants me to do, and I head into it full speed ahead, full of hope and joy. I am not tuned into His timing either. When something stops me from this work, I fail to see God’s hand in it, and become hopeless that He will ever use me. I need to realize that closed doors are as much a blessing as those He flings wide open. The challenge then, is to take this time of discouragement and fatigue and thank God for it, hanging onto His promises to give me new strength, to teach me to soar with the eagles , to run and not be tired, and to walk an not grow weary.

So, where are you feeling discouraged, weary and weak? Right there is where your blessings will be found. Right there is where God is, waiting to take your hand and lead you to the plan He has for you. Let’s join together in prayer for each other to praise Him for these times, and look forward with Hope and Joy to the New thing He has for us!

By Glenda Bell


Copyright 2002 Glenda Bell

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