The Blessing Of Intercession
 You crept into my life
in the most unusual way.
You found a room in my world to which
I had closed and thrown away the key.

A piece of my heart
had been wrapped in a silence.
I had forever planned to keep it secret,
Never fearing discovery again.

The tender spot that a child
in all trusting ways shares freely,
Yet can forever be damaged by one cruel act,
Was cradled in a vow of silence.

The nights of terror
had stolen my childhood dreams
And replaced them with forever nightmares,
And wounds that should never heal.

The days had become
A stage for me to play my role
And pray no one would ever see the act,
And discover my hidden pain.

But, Jesus, you alone
Could hold the key that opened
Locks I placed to hide the secret truth.
Discovery was not the horror I imagined.

Instead, I found your love.
You held me with arms of strength
Yet no pain nor threats of disgrace.
You replaced my misery with joy and peace.

Where I had terror,
You gave me courage.
Where there had been death and destruction,
You gave life everlasting.

The great deceiver ,satan,
Was no longer in control.
In that moment when I took you hand,
His anguish over me began.

The souls he planned
To gain through my past
Would no longer be his promised prey.
You erased the evil curse and set me free.

The child became a woman
And the victim had won the war.
You gave to me the victor's shield and sword
And released me from his hold.

Now I am yours
To battle where you send.
My weapon is your gift of prayer
And with it, your children I will defend!

~Glenda Bell~

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