Going Home

 Over behind the sunset,
  As we trod the last long mile;
The Heavenly Father waits for us
  With open arms and a smile.
"Welcome Home, my loved one,"
   I know is what He'll say,
"Come all ye that are weary,
  And I will show you the way."
In to a land where no sorrow
  Abides.  Joy in the great hereafter.
A land where all pain is washed away
  And tears are turned into laughter.
And there we'll find the ones we love,
  Those who have gone before us,
And there we'll join in the Heavenly Band,
  And sing in the Angel Chorus.
May there be no tears at our parting,
  May the skies be bright and clear,
For I am only going Home,
  And I'll wait for you there, my dear.
Ramel Tessora Bell

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