as seen through the eyes of the depressed

Because I have traveled this road, I feel quite qualified to describe it for you - especially those of you who have never been there. I can do this now because of the grace of God. He has brought me from the ďpit of hellĒ and set me on firm ground. When my ground begins to shake again, I can hang onto HIm for dear life, and know He will never desert me.

Let me describe to you the feelings that enveloped me as I lived in that ďpit.Ē Bear in mind, I do not have these feelings now, but they are very vivid to me from the past- so I will describe them as I felt them.

Thoughts that filled my mind- aka satan's lies

As I write these things, tears stream down my face, because I know these are very real feelings for someone else right now. I also know that nothing anyone says to them will make any difference. Everything is seen through terribly distorted vision. Satan, the joy stealer, the deceiver, the liar, fills the mind with so much garbage, that nothing human can slip in. That is why it is so imperative that we are praying constantly for others! Had I not had a prayer warrior on my side, praying fervently for me through all I put him through, I would not be here today. He and his wife put up with months of my distorted vision- repulsed even by their attempts at loving me. They were tormented by satan in his attempt to get them out of my life- yet they persevered. They helped me see the truth where I saw only lies. They prayed for every lie I believed, and one by one, they were replaced with the truth. In an attempt to teach you how to pray for these poor souls who are tormented by depression, I will ďattackĒ each of these lies one by one. Yes, depression is also a physical thing- and I strongly urge people in this deep of depression to seek medical help. The only problem is- in that state of mind, you take any attempt at help as an attack! Depression depletes the body of neurotransmitters in the brain- and thinking becomes faulty. Antidepressants are nothing more than a replacement neurotransmitter. Itís like slowly filling up an empty gas tank while the car is running. It will help...but it takes a while. Itís important to understand that these are not mind-altering drugs!
The most important thing is to replace these lies of satan's with the truth of God's love. Whether for yourself, or for others, pray that each of these lies leave and immediately be replaced with God's truth. Accepting God's love is a difficult step for someone deep in depression- and satan will help them fight it every step of the way. As an intercessor for others, it is imperative that you do not give up the fight...and keep praying for God's love to overwhelm them! If it's yourself you are seeking help, please find yourself an intercessor prayer partner. Use the scriptures to replace the lies satan is spreading:

Do  You Want To Get Well??


This is just a beginning- more links and scriptures will be added as God brings them.


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