Affidavit for Michael Blagg's arrest

June 18, 2002

Criminal Action No. 02CR




Michael Francis Blagg (DOB 02/18/63) White male, 6'01", 200 lbs, brown hair, hazel eyes, SSN: 507-94-2197


COMES NOW, Sergeant Wayne Weyler, being of lawful age and first duly sworn upon oath, states and alleges in support of an arrest warrant for the above-named Defendant as follows:

1. Your affiant is a duly employed law enforcement officer with the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, Grand Junction, Colorado at all times relevant to this affidavit. The information contained in this affidavit was compiled by your affiant in the course of an official criminal investigation by speaking to fellow law enforcement officers, citizen informants, personal observations, and reviewing official law enforcement reports. All locations referred to are in Mesa County, Colorado unless specifically noted otherwise.

2. Your affiant is a 21-year employee of law enforcement, almost 16 years with the Adams County Sheriffs Office and a 5 year employee of the Mesa County Sheriff's Office. Your affiant has spent 16 years in Investigations, 15 years of that working crimes against persons cases. Your affiant has investigated in excess of 75 homicides and over 500 unattended deaths, suicides and accidental deaths. Your affiant has investigated approximately 30 kidnappings or purported kidnappings. Your affiant has had hundreds of hours of training throughout the Western United States in the investigation of homicides, unattended deaths, suicides, accidental deaths, kidnappings, domestic violence, crime scene interpretation and analysis, profiling, Interview and Interrogation and Investigative Techniques. Your affiant has instructed in Homicide & Death Investigations, Sexual Assaults, Child Abuse Investigations, Preliminary Investigations and Interview and Interrogation. See attachment A, two pages for further details.

3. At about 1637 hours on 11/13/01, Mesa County Sheriff's Office Deputies Tim Orr and Jeff Doty were dispatched by 911 to 2253 Pine Terrace Court reference an unknown problem. While en-route, dispatch advised the responding deputies that the reporting person said his 34-year-old wife and 6-year-old daughter were missing, there was blood on a bed, items scattered around the house, and the back door was open. The reporting person advised dispatch he had left for work at 0600 hrs. on 11/13/01. While on the phone with a dispatcher, the reporting person, identified as Michael Blagg, advised he came home and found that his wife and daughter were missing and the contents of his wife's purse were strewn around on the floor and there was blood on the floor, dripping from the bed. While
talking to dispatch, Mr. Blagg went and checked for his daughter in her room and found her bed was unmade and his daughter's school clothes were still laid out as if she never got dressed for school.

4. Upon arrival, Deputies Orr and Doty contacted the reporting person, Mr. Blagg, DOB 02/18/63, in the front yard of 2253 Pine Terrace Court. The deputies asked Mr. Blagg how he was doing and he stated "not so well" and then he handed them the keys to the residence stating the home was locked. Deputies Orr and Doty used the keys to open the front door and they entered the residence. The first room they observed was the living room, then a dining room, and then kitchen. The deputies observed the back door to the residence was standing open. Deputies Orr and Doty then walked down a hallway and into the master bedroom. Upon entry into the bedroom, Deputies On and Doty observed a bed with the bed covers pulled down. Deputies Orr and Doty said on the bed sheets they saw a puddle of red liquid substance, which they believed to be blood. Deputies Orr and Doty observed that the red liquid ran off the bed and onto the floor where a puddle of red liquid had formed. Deputies Orr and Doty briefly looked around the bedroom and observed a jewelry box was laying in disarray on the floor and money was also laying on the floor.

5. Both Deputies exited the residence and advised Sgt. Coleman of their observations. Deputy Doty took Sgt. Coleman into the master bedroom and showed him the crime scene. They left the residence and sealed the scene by placing crime scene tape around the residence. Both Deputies maintained security around the residence while Sgt. Coleman notified Investigations.

6. Deputy Orr, in a subsequent interview with Investigator Barley and Lt. Dick Dillon, stated that some of the blood was dry and did not have a glazed look. Deputy Orr stated based on his life and law enforcement experiences, he believed the blood to have been there at least 4 to 5 hours. Deputy Orr has been in law enforcement almost 2 years and has prior experience with search and rescue in Phoenix, Arizona. Your affiant spoke to Sgt. John Coleman with the Mesa County Sheriffs Office who stated when he viewed the blood on the bed and floor it did not look extremely fresh. Sgt. Coleman stated some of the blood on the bed and floor was coagulating, the blood was somewhat glazing over. Sgt. Coleman stated in his opinion that the time the blood needed to strain over the bed and onto the floor would have taken some time. Sgt. Coleman stated it was his opinion based on his 8 years in law enforcement and approximately 30 to 40 suicide scenes in his career he believed the blood to have been there more than 3 to 4 hours but less than 24 hours.

7. On 11/13/01, Mr. Blagg responded to the Sheriff's Office and spoke with Investigator Steven King and Sgt. Wayne Weyler for approximately 7 hours. Mr. Blagg said he last saw his wife, Jennifer Blagg, DOB 01/08/67, and his daughter, Abby Blagg, DOB 03/27/95, at approximately 0600 hours on 11/13/01, prior to leaving the home for work. Mr. Blagg stated he called home several times during the day to check on Jennifer. Mr. Blagg stated he called home at approximately 0700 hours, 0705 hours, 1000 hours, noon time and finally at around 1500 hours and was not able to make contact with Jennifer or Abby Blagg. Mr. Blagg stated he became concerned that Jennifer was not answering the home phone or her cellular phone by noontime. Mr. Blagg stated he did not call Abby's school to check on Abby or to see if his wife Jennifer was there. Jennifer Blagg volunteers some of her time at Abby's school, Bookcliff Christian School. Mr. Blagg in his interview said he got up at 0530 hours and he physically saw Jennifer and Abby and they were both sleeping. Mr. Blagg states he got to work at 0600 hours.

8. Mr. Blagg, in his interview with Investigator King and your affiant, points out in detail that he saw that two pillows missing from the bed, a third was left on the bed, the jewelry box was on the floor and the contents of the purse were on the floor. Mr. Blagg stated his wife's vehicle, a maroon Ford Windstar, was parked in the garage. Mr. Blagg said the backdoor to his residence was open when he got home and this door normally has a small portable battery operated alarm on the handle. The alarm was still on the door handle but was not sounding when Mr. Blagg got home. Mr. Blagg gave specific details of items that had been tampered with. Mr. Blagg did not point out anything else in the house that was tampered with. It is noteworthy that Mr. Blagg could point out the only things in the house that had been tampered with and actually did match what was later found in the crime scene. Mr. Blagg denied having anything to do with his wife and daughter’s disappearance or harming either of them in any way. Mr. Blagg said he has no idea where his wife and daughter are located or why the home was in disarray. Michael Blagg states his wife normally drives the maroon Ford Windstar and he drives a 1998 Dodge Stratus, SD, bearing Colorado license plate 356-BCM. Mr. Blagg states they do not own any other
vehicles. Mr. Blagg described himself and his wife as devout "Born Again Christians" and that his life was open as a book for us to investigate.

9. On 11/13/01, your afftant contacted both St. Mary's Hospital and Community Hospital and found neither Jennifer nor Abby Blagg were there receiving medical treatment. Subsequently Investigators with the Mesa County Sheriffs Office have checked with all conventional modes of transportation leaving the Grand Junction, Colorado area, i.e., planes, trains, buses and automobile rentals and have found no evidence of Jennifer and/or Abby Blagg voluntarily leaving the Grand Junction area using their correct identifications. All known financial records and accounts available to Jennifer Blagg have been checked and no withdrawals or credit card usages have been found that would provide the finances needed to travel. As of 06/05/02 no ransom calls, letters or attempts from Abbey or Jennifer Blagg have been received.

10. On 11/13/01, Deputy Orr contacted Mesa County Deputy District Attorney Eret, who lives near Mr. Blagg's residence. DDA Eret stated she observed Mr. Blagg arrive at his home at about 1620 hrs. on 11/13/01, driving a white colored Dodge Stratus bearing Colorado License Plate #356BCM that was currently parked in the street in front of 2253 Pine Terrace Court. An NCIC/CCIC check of Colorado license plate #356BCM shows registered to a 1998 Dodge Stratus, VIN #1B3EJ46XXWN212268 to Michael and Jennifer Blagg.

11. Employees and co-workers at Ametek Dixson where Michael Blagg works stated they saw Michael Blagg arrive at work between 0540 hours and 0600 hours. A video tape at Ametek Dixson showed Michael Blagg at an entrance door at 0556 hours on 11/13/01. Employees and coworkers have accounted for the majority of time for Michael Blagg between 0540 hours and 1600 hours. Some coworkers indicated that Michael Blagg was seen more frequently around the office than usual on 11/13/01. Employees stated Michael Blagg ate lunch in the company lunch room, which was unusual for him.

12. On 11/13/01 at approximately 0535 hours, Joan Cordova, an Ametek Dixson employee, saw Michael Blagg at Ametek Dixon near the loading dock area. Joan Cordova said she saw Michael Blagg at the loading dock area over 20 times during the day on 11/13/01. Joan Cordova stated on a normal day she would only see Michael Blagg once or twice a day, if at all. Joan Cordova described Michael Blagg as being dazed but also surprised which was unusual for his demeanor as he was usually very composed.

13. On 11/13/01, Shawn Wallace, another employee of Ametek-Dixson, saw Michael Blagg pushing a pallet jack with two large cardboard boxes toward the rear of the building where the loading are. Shawn Wallace asked if he could assist Michael Blagg in moving the boxes. Michael Blagg looked at Wallace with a serious look on his face and stated "nope, just get away". Mr. Wallace stated that Michael Blagg’s voice was serious and strong and Shawn Wallace was surprised by Michael Blaggs rejection. Wallace has offered assistance to Michael Blagg in the past and Michael Blagg had never responded in the manner he did on 11/13/01.

14. Michael Blagg was overseeing a operations move to Mexico where a trailer was being loaded in the loading dock area. According to Investigator King there is only one loading dock area and the trash compactor is on that loading dock. Investigator King also noticed that there is a bathroom and shower within approximately 20 feet of the loading dock.

15. Sergeant R. 1. Russell with the Grand Junction Police Department determined that BFI had been requested to pick up the trash from the compactor on 11/1301. Through further investigation it was determined that Julie Pommier with BFI was called on 11/13/01 by Jim Boden, who is an employee with Ametek-Dixson. BFI did pick up the trash from the compactor on 11/14/01. Jim Boden stated to Sergeant Russell that the trash is picked up when it is full and is not based on a schedule. Jim Boden stated that he (Jim Boden) specifically requested the trash be picked up and Michael Blagg had no conversations with him about when the trash would be picked up.

16. On 11/13/01, Investigator Ehlers obtained a search warrant for the Blagg residence, located at 2253 Pine Terrace Court, Grand Junction, Mesa County, Colorado, signed by the Honorable Judge Massaro. After the warrant was signed, Investigators G. Johnson and Jim Hebenstreit went through the residence in the evening hours of 11/13/01 to take video. While entering the front door in the foyer from the front door to the living room they observed clear liquid droplets on the floor. Investigator Hebertstreit recorded several messages from an answering machine in the residence none of which contained a ransom or kidnapping. There were several messages from Michael Blagg inquiring as to why Jennifer was not home.

17. On 11/14/01, agents with the Colorado Bureau of Investigations (CBI) and Investigators with the Mesa County Sheriffs Office executed the search warrant and processed the crime scene. CBI
agents identified and collected several samples of a large amount of red stains on the top right corner of the master bedroom bed, below the bed and on the adjoining carpet. The mini van found parked inside the garage described as a Ford Windstar, maroon/beige in color bearing Colorado license plate 331BCM, also had small droplets of red stains in the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Preliminary analysis of the blood samples resulted in identifying it as being "human" blood. There was no significant blood spatter high velocity or medium velocity patterns near the bloodstains on the sheets and bed. There were no trails or droplets of blood leading out of the master bedroom to the minivan. Luminol is a chemical agent which causes blood which is not visible to the naked eye to fluoresce under low light conditions. Luminol was used in the house and no stains, trails or droplets were found leading out of the bedroom to the garage or to any other portion of the residence. The bloodstain on the bed and adjoining carpet was unusual. Your affiant viewed the bloodstains on the bed and carpet at approximately 1800 hours on 11/13/01 and on 11/14/01. The stain was generally in a circular pattern. The stain was unusual in that the coagulated blood was along the perimeter or border of the circular pattern roughly between a 01:00 o'clock to 7:00 o'clock position. The top two-thirds of the stains were more watery than expected. Although the blood would separate into a more watery substance, there appeared to be more clear fluid than would be expected. Likewise the coagulation and breaking of blood to more clear fluid would indicate the blood had been there for a longer period of time. Several people with several years of experience, including your affiant, looked at the blood pattern and found it unusual. Wayne Bryant with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, who has 30 plus years of processing crime scenes and Jerry Hill with the Grand Junction Police Department, who has over 20 years of processing crime scenes, viewed the blood pattern and found it unusual. It was your affiant and Jerry Hill's opinion that an additional clear liquid was introduced to the sheet where the bloodstaining was already present. There was also blood staining on the blanket and comforter, which was folded over at the foot of the bed. Below the bed on the carpet was dried blood indicating the blood was not fresh within the last few hours. There was a pattern off the bed down the mattress leading to the area where the carpet was, suggesting the blood on the carpet had dripped from the bed. There were no clear voids on the sheet on top of the bed suggesting a head or body had been lying there. There was a void on the side of the mattress on the sheet which appeared to be there from the dripping motion. There were transfer patterns of blood on the sheet near the circular bloodstaining. The minivan had trace amounts of blood in the front driver's side on the steering wheel brake pedal, and driver's side front door handle. There were also trace amounts of blood droplets on the driver’s side sliding door along the frame. There were
no large amounts of blood found inside the van which indicate the body or bodies could have been wraped up tightly, not allowing blood from the body(s) to drip or drain inside the vehicle. The maroon/beige Ford Windstar Van has been seized and is in the custody of the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office.

18. One pillow was found on the bed in the master bedroom. Michael Blagg told us that two pillows were missing from the bed that Jennifer would use on her side for comfort. There was a jewelry box and purse that appeared to have been tampered with lying on the floor of the master bedroom of the residence. The jewelry box was empty and the contents of a purse were dumped on the floor next to the empty jewelry box. There was a set of sweat clothes lying on the floor near the contents of the purse and jewelry box. In the sweat clothes were two sets of underwear. One pair of underwear that was inside the sweat pants indicated the sweatpants and one pair of underwear were taken off at the same time. On the dresser, a set of car keys belonging to the Ford Windstar were lying next to a black purse. In Abby’s room, the bed was unmade and there a doll on the bed with the doll’s head partially on a pillow. The covers to the bed were pulled back leaving the bottom sheet and doll exposed. According to Mr. Blagg, as a matter of practice whenever Jennifer and Abby Blagg got up in the morning, they would make their beds. Nowhere else in the residence did it appear that anything had been tampered with or disturbed. No drawers appeared to have been opened and nothing appeared to have been rifled through. There were other valuables, including portable safes, a bag of money and a weapon in the master bedroom. The rest of the residence appeared undisturbed and several valuables that were readily viewable were not moved or tampered with. The house was in order and very clean. First impressions of the scene by several experienced investigators, including your affiant, and crime scene technicians seemed to suggest the scene was "staged’. There is no evidence of struggle between the killer/abductor and victims.

19. Dr. Robert Kurtzman, Forensic Pathologist and Coroner with Mesa County came to the scene and viewed the amount of blood on the bed and floor. Dr. Kurtzman's opinion was that the amount of blood found at the scene could amount to serious bodily injury or death to a small six-year-old girl and could amount to serious bodily injury or death to an adult if not treated in an appropriate amount of time.

20. Investigator Norcross with the Mesa County Sheriffs Office spoke to Marilyn Conway, mother of Jennifer Blagg. Marylyn Conway lives in Haltom City. Texas. Marilyn Conway said she last spoke to her daughterr Jennifer on 1/12/01 in the evening hours. Marilynn Conway stated she expected a phone call prior to about 0800 hrs. on 11/13/01, due to Ms. Conway having a significant doctor's appointment concerning Ms. Conway's ongoing cancer treatment later that date. Ms. Conway said it was common practice for Jennifer Blagg to call her prior to doctor’s appointments so they could pray together. Marilynn Conway stated she did not receive a phone call from Jennifer on 11/13/01, prior to 0900 Texas time, which was very unusual prior to a doctor's appointment. Ms. Conway said Jennifer Blagg knew Ms. Conway was having lunch with a cousin and Ms. Conway was also surprised when she returned home in the afternoon of 11/13/01 and there was no phone message from Ms. Blagg.

21. Investigator Jim Hebenstreit spoke to Dianna Shirley who stated she spoke twice to Jennifer on l1/12/0l, and then tried to call Jennifer Blagg twice at home on 11/13/01, the first time at approximately 0845 hours but did not get any answer. Sgt. R. Rosales interviewed Helen West, a neighbor across the street from the Blagg's, who stated she spoke to Jennifer Blagg on 11/12/01 at around 2000 hours.

22. Your affiant contacted Judy Currie who is another neighbor of the Blaggs'. Judy Currie stated between 1500 hours and 1530 houts on 11/13/01 she saw a Maroon/beige minivan driving toward 2253 Pine Terrace Court from Greenbelt. Ms. Currie stated she was in her sewing room and saw the maroon van drive past the window she was sitting at, toward the Blaggs' residence on Pine Terrace Court. Ms. Currie stated she did not see who was in the van on this particular date, however, she did recognize the van as being the Blaggs', of which she often sees driving into the neighborhood at around that time. Ms. Currie states that the mother normally drives the van and she often sees the mother and her small daughter in the van.

23. Sergeant Rusty Callow interviewed Judy Currie again on 01/12/02. Ms. Currie told Sergeant Callow that she had seen Michael Blagg’s van drive past the from her residence on Pine Terrace Court during the early afternoon hours of 01/12/02. She stated that she thought Michael Blagg was riding in the passenger seat of the van, which was driven by a female. Ms. Currie asked Sergeant Callow if the van had been released to Michael Blagg. Sergeant Callow informed her the van was still being held as evidence. Ms. Currie repeated that the van she saw looked just like the Blagg's van and the person in the passenger seat looked like Michael Blagg. Based on surveillance conducted by members of the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office on 01/12/02, Sergeant Callow determined that Michael Blagg was not in the area of Pine Terrace Court on that date.

24. On 11/16/01 and 11/17/01, Investigator Jim Hebenstreit interviewed Louells Cross. Louella Cross stated she use to work for Colorado Legal Services Up to 11/09/01. Louella Cross stated around the beginning of November 2001, a woman and young girl came in to Colorado Legal Services. The woman was frightened. The woman made mention "She couldn’t handle it anymore?I can’t take anymore of this abuse." Louella Cross asked the woman if there was domestic violence; the woman said yes. The woman asked to see an attorney. Louella Cross advised her that she needed to fill our an intake sheet and the arrorneys would review it. The woman became upset that she couldn’t see an attorney and did not want to fill our paperwork. Louella Cross stated the woman was "scared to death." Louella Cross described the woman as being approximately 5'4" to 5'S", somewhat slender build, and her hair was kind of a brown color. She could not remember what the woman was wearing. Louella Cross stated the little girl was approximately 5 to 6 years old, wearing bib overalls, a blouse with puffy sleeves, white in color, with some stripes. Louella Cross stated she read the article in the newspaper and saw the picture of the missing mother and child and believed these were the two that were in her office approximately two weeks ago. Louella Cross states that what stuck in her mind was that the woman was from South Carolina. Investigator Jim Hebenstreit showed two photographs of Jennifer Blagg and Abby Blagg to Louella Cross. Louella Cross immediately stated the picture of the little girl was the same little girl that came into her office with her mother looking for an attorney. Ms. Cross stated she was almost positive that the photograph of Jennifer Blagg was the mother who came into her office.

25. On 11/17/01, your affiant checked our in-house Sheriff's Department computer records and learned the telephone number #970-245-4649 is listed to Michael Blagg DOB: 02/18/63, residing at 2253 Pine Terrace Court, Grand Junction. At approximately 1320 hours, Sgt. R. Rosales dialed #970-245-4649 from his office at the Sheriff's Department. Sgt. Rosales heard a recorded message saying this is the "Blagg" residence. In addition, Investigator Ehlers who was at 2253 Pine Terrace Court, Grand Junction, during the phone call, heard Sgt. Rosales on the Blagg residence answer machine. The answering machine was taken into evidence, however, we replaced the answering machine. As of this date, no calls of ransom demands or calls from Jennifer or Abby Blagg have been made to the Blagg's residence.

26. On 11/20/01, Investigator Beverly Jarrell interviewed Vona and Gary Murphy of 2261 Pine Terrace Court. The Murphy's stated on 11/13/01, between 0700 hoursand 0715 hours they were leaving to go on vacation in Las Vegas, Nevada. While pulling out of the subdivision they saw a white female, betwecn 5'2" and 5'4", stocky build wearing a coat and stocking cap which covered her hair walking across Pine Terrace Court from Greenbelt. According to the Murphy's, the felamle had an "intense, deranged, cranky, angry" look on her face. The Murphy's stated they viewed a photo of Jennifer Blagg and were 98 to 99 % sure this was the same woman they saw in the early morning of

27. On 11/26/01, your afftant spoke to Mr. Blagg. Mr. Blagg asked your affiant about the DNA results. Your affiant told Mr. Blagg that we had not received them. Mr. Blagg stated his hope was that the blood came back to someone other than Jennifer or Abby. Your affiant told Mr. Blagg we were looking for other items in the home in which we could get DNA samples for Jennifer and Abby. Mr. Blagg "Jennifer’s retainer case." Your affiant asked what he meant. Mr. Blagg stated Jennifer wears a retainer for teeth at nighttime only. Mr. Blagg stated the case is in the bathroom on the counter. Mr. Blagg then added the retainer and case should be there. Mr. Blagg stated Jennifer wears the retainer every night and takes it off in the morning when she gets up. Mr. Blagg again stated we might be able to get DNA off the retainer or case. Investigator King told your affiant that Michael Blagg told him that Jennifer would always remove the retainer from her mouth and place the retainer into the retainer case in the morning before she did anything else. The retainer was not found in the retainer case, nor was the retainer located in the residence during the extensive search of the residence pursuant to a search warrant. The absence of the retainer indicates that Jennifer was harmed or incapacitated in her bedroom before getting out of bed. Mr. Blagg then went on to suggest Jennifer's makeup, lipstick, sheets and clothing in the laundry room as other Sources of jennifer's DNA. Your affiant asked Mr. Blagg what his degree was in from Georgia Tech. Mr. Blagg stated Nuclear Engineering. Your affiant stated he (Mr. Blagg) knew a lot about DNA. Mr. Blagg stated he took a lot of chemistry classes.

28. During the search of the residence, a computer was seized with the permission of Michael Blagg. Investigator Piechota of the Mesa County Sheriffs Office arid Detective Julie Stogsdill of the Grand Junction Police Department have searched the computer harddrive and temporary files. They have found in the deleted temporary files nuneros adult pornography images. Investigator Piechota stated he has sstill over 13,000 images and files to go through. Investigator Piechota has found in excess of a thousand pornographic images and files and 91 adult hardcore pornography and approximately 250 adult pornography references. Numerous pornographic images and files were found on his lap top and work computer. Earlier Michael Blagg had mentioned to Investigator King that it was embarrassing for him to talk about, but we would probably find Some sexually-oriented websites on his computer. Mr. Blagg stated that he and his wife Jennifer were having difficulty having intercourse due to her hysterectomy from a vaginal disease so they were researching oral sex.

29. Michael Blagg's work computer was searched based on consent from Michael Blagg and Ametek-Dixon. Found on this harddrive was an email written to Jennifer however not sent. This email was typed 11/13/02 at 1558 hours. The email stated "Jennifer, I love you! I am sorry that we have ruined this day and the opportunity to spend our lunch time together. I don't know what went wrong. My intent was to spend a wonderful time with you and coincindentally get some Christmas shopping done. That obviously went horribly astray.. The Lord tells me to not let the sun go down on my anger and so I won’t. You are the light of my life. I ask for your forgiveness for any wrongs I have done to you and I also forgive the wrongs I have perceived against me. I do not want us to waste a weekend being angry with one another. I would love to take some time today to talk through the problems we are having. I will send this as an e-mail and also I will bring it home to you. After Paul says to not let the sun go down on our anger, he says, do not give the devil a foothold. Eph 4:27. I am sorry if I have given the devil a foothold. I will always love you".

30. The Mesa County Sheriffs Office received an anonymous tip that stated Michael Blagg visited a local escort service in Grand Junction,
Colorado. Detective Kevin Imbriaco with the Grand Junction Police Department was able to identify who the caller was. The tip came from Julie House, DOB 0 1/20/74. Julie House was interviewed on 12/07/01 by Detective Kevin Imbriaco. Julie House stated she saw the photo of Michael Blagg on TV and believed it was a person who visited her, escort service several times. Julie House stated this person said his name was Steve or Steven. Julie House was shown two photo lineups, the first without Michael Blagg in it and a second one with him in it. Julie House did not pick out anyone of photo lineup #1. In photo lineup #2 she immediately picked out the photo of Michael Blagg. Julie House stated Michael Blagg visited her escorort service on several
occasions between December 2000 and April 2001. Julie House said this person visited her service approximately 2 to 3_times a month. He would usually visit between 1100 hours and 1400 hours wearing business attire. He would get a topless massage and would ask for the girls to give him a "hand job." Julie House stated she saw him twice and possibly four other girls saw him during that time period. It was Julie House’s opinion that he was shopping around for a girl who would do illegal things to him. Julie House stated she only gave him a topless massage. Julie House stated she saw him at the Motel 6 and her residence of 3242 Main Street #3 in Clifton. Colorado. Julie House stated this person would usually give her $60.00 for a session. Julie House stated she remembered that this person talked about having a daughter with an old fashioned name that ended in a "Y" or "IE." One of the last times he came in, Julie House remembers this person being upset with his spouse over a shoebox he found in the closet. The shoebox had either receipts or letters in it. Julie House thought this person drove a truck of some sort.

31. On 12/07/01, Colorado Bureau of Investigation's preliminary DNA results have come back to the Mesa County Sheriffs Office. Your affiant read these reports arid spoke to one of the serologist who conducted some of the tests. The results show that blood from the bed sheet in the master bedroom, carpet in the master bedroom and several swabs from the Maroon Ford Windstar matched the samples of DNA collected from Jennifer Blagg's hairbrush and toothbrush found in the master bedroom. There were some samples collected that could not be matched or were of an insufficient quantity to test. A control sample of Abby Blagg's blood has not been found as of this date and more items that could be used for controls are being sent to CBI.

32. Captain Bill Gardner and your affiant spoke to retired FBI agent Ron Walker over the phone on 11/21/01 and 12/11/01. Ron Walker is retired from the FBI and now is employed as a Senior Analyst for Threat Assessment Group Inc. and Park Deitz & Associates, Inc., as a Criminologist. Prior to this, he worked FBI from 1980 to 2000. From 1983 to 1989, Agent Walker worked as a Senior Criminal Investigative Profiler, Investigator Criminal Personality Research Project and Special Agent in Charge of the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. From 1989 to 2000, Agent Walker was the Special Agent in Charge of the Denver Field Office, supervisor of the Evidence Response Team, Coordinator for the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime, and Supervisor of the Violent Crimes/Fugitive Task Force. Retired Agent Walker has a Master of Arts in Counseling, Psychology and has had thousand of hours of training in Profiling, Violent Crimes. Retired Agent Walker continues to train professionals in violent crimes, profiling and other disciplines. Retired Agent Walker has provided expertise and consultations in many violent crimes throughout the world. Retired Agent Walker has been qualified as an expert witness in several Colorado and California Courts in Behavioral Crime Analysis, Kidnapping, Sex Crimes, Signature analysis and Pattern/Signature analysis for prior similar transactions. See attachment B, 7 pages, for additional details.

33. Captain Gardner gave a brief summary of the case to Retired Agent Walker including the crime scene and some of the statements of witnesses. In addition Retired Agent Walker watched and read some of the news media involving this case. Retired Agent Walker also saw a news conference of Michael Blagg. Retired Agent Ron Walker stated from the first time he saw Michael Blagg on television and learned details of the crime, "I saw red flags waving around Mr. Blagg." Mr. Walker stated based upon his training, education and experience analyzing homicides from a behavioral science perspective, Retired Agent Walker believes law enforcement should focus much of their investigative analysis on Michael Btagg even though Michael Blagg is declaring this crime is a "whodunit." Retired Agent Walker stated he is 99% certain this crime is not a "random killing." Retired Agent Walker's basis for this theory is that; the execution, crime scene clean up an body removal took time, stanger intruders are not normally comfortable with long periods of time in a dwelling. Retired Agent Walker asked who would be comfortable meticulously cleaning up after the murders? Secondly, burglars and rapists do not move and transport bodies; their perception of risk is increased with removal of a body. The neighborhood is a relatively crime-free subdivision. The type of crimes in these types of neighborhoods are likely to be property crimes, not violent crimes. When violent crimes of this nature occur in such neighborhoods, investigators may assume the victim(s) are "targeted."

34. Retired Agent Walker continued saying the question becomes "why these victims and why here and now?" Retired Agent Walker stated Jennifer and Abby Blagg are "low-risk victims." Low-risk victims are targeted victims. Retired Agent Walker stated these victims are a result of a personalized attack. Retired Agent Walker told us that victims in these types of environments (upper middle class and killed in their own home/bedroom equate to an intimate partner killer." Retired Agent Walker believes this crime "is the result of interwined intimate relationships." Retired Agent Walker said in this type of killing "almost always the intimate partner has done the killing." Retired Agent Walker answered the question as to whether it could be a "hired killer theory." Retired Agent Walker stated if it were a professional hit, then the suspect would at least want Jennifer's body found possibly with a ransom note. The hired killer would not want both bodies missing.

35. Retired Agent Walker stated the next question to answer is what the crime scene is telling us. Retired Agent Walker advised that the blood found is in the most intimate place in the home, on the victim's side of the bed and this was not a coincidence. The crime took a lot of time to commit and cover up. Whoever committed this crime had a high level of comfort in the house. The pooling of blood, lack of hi velocity blood spatter told Retired Agent Walker the following; the victim was asleep when she was when she was killed, there is no signs of struggle; the blood evidence is consistent with the
execution being performed while Jennifer is asleep with the covers pulled up to her neck as evident with the blood staining on the covers which had been pulled to the bottom of the bed; the location makes it most likely Jennifer was killed first; a likely scenario would be that one of the two missing pillows was held over the head and the throat was slit or a shot with a handgun at close range. The blood flow is not consistent with a blunt force trauma execution because there is no cast off and the pillows are missing, and finally, the victim(s) were non-resistive. Retired Agent Walker concluded the crime was not a spontaneous event; it was planned and meticulously executed. Retired Agent Walker stated, "The crime scene is staged." Retired Agent Walker stated this is the classic case of "ineffectual staging." Non-criminals do not know what a burglary scene looks like. Thus, the jewelry box/emptied purse contents and meticulous indicators of a staged crime scene. Retired Agent Walker stated staged crime scenes in the criminal's own home generally reflect a desire to protect one's own property and not destroying property belonging to him. Retired Agent Walker said this crime scene is an anomaly-it represents the perpetrator's own home. Retired Agent Walker stated additionally while stranger burglars turned killers will not remove bodies, they would canvas the entire home, looking for valuables.

36. Retired Agent Walker stated that the body(s) removal mean most likely Michael Blagg committed the crime. The body removable took time, the bodies had to be "bagged." The blood evidence in the van indicates incidental transfer evidence the killer did not see. The water droplets at the front foyer are remnants of the killer’s through cleaning effort. He wiped and mopped the house clean. Retired Agent Walker stated that if the blood in the bed is identified as the mother’s, then Abby then Abby may have been murdered-in a different way.

37. Retired Agent Walker concluded that behavioral scientist's "rule of thumb", is body removal indicates intimate relationship between the killer and the victim(s). The crime took a long time to accomplish, the total lack of blood evidence from the bed to the van and then not found in the van's back seat indicates the bodies were bagged and sealed. This is an intimate crime scene. Jennifer was the target and Abby was most likely an "ancillary victim.’ The crime is premeditated. Once again Retired Agent Walker reiterated that 99% of the time when the bodies are remove , it is an intimate partner who does the killing. Retired Agent Walker stated Michael Blagg set up a good alibi wanting to prove his innocence by calling home, leaving messages and being seen at work as much as he was.

38. On December 14,2001, at approximately 1120 hours Investigator King and Sergeant Callow went to the Mesa County Sheriffs Office Impound Lot to determine how much fuel would be needed to fill the gas tank of Blagg's Ford Van (331-BCM), which was secured in the Impound Lot after it was seized at the Blagg's residence. Investigator King started the vehicle and provided Sergeant Callow with the odometer reading (8,619.5) prior to driving the van to the gas station at N. 1st Street and Grand. Sergeant Callow followed Investigator King to the gas station in another vehicle. Investigator King told Sergeant Callow that the odometer reading on the van upon arrival at the gas station was 8,619.8. Sergeant Callow filled the gas tank of the Blagg van. The pump reading showed that it took 7.0 gallons of gas to fill the tank. Investigator King told Sergeant Callow that he checked the on-board computer system in the van before the gas tank was filled. Investigator King told Sergeant Callow that the computer reading showed that the van was getting an average of 17.9 miles per gallon. Sergeant Callow concluded that the Blagg van traveled approximately 125 miles since the last time that the fuel tank was

39. Investigator King told Sergeant Callow that he was able to determine that Jennifer Blagg fuled the van on November 9, 2001. This determination was based on statements made to him by Michael Blagg and a review of Blagg's credit card records. Investigator King spoke with Michael Blagg and was able to determine that either Michael or Jennifer Blagg drove the van to several known locations between the time that the gas tank was filled on November 9, 2001 and when Michael discovered Jennifer and Abby missing on November 13, 2001. Investigator King checked the distance for each of the known trips that were made after the van was fueled. Investigator King gave the mileage information to Sergeant Callow. Sergeant Callow determined that the known trips would have accounted for approximately 34 miles. Sergeant Callow estimated that the van traveled a total of 125 miles after being filled with fuel on November 9,2001. Subtracting the known trip miles (34) from the estimated total miles (125) leaves approximately 91 miles of unaccounted for travel. Sergeant Callow determined that since the van was seized at the residence the unaccounted mileage would represent a round trip, or trips, that could not have exceeded 45.5 miles.

40. On December 18,2001, Sergeant Callow spoke with FBI Special Agent Gerard Downes who is currently the Supervising Agent of the FBI's Critical Incident Response Group, which is affiliated, with the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime. (See attachment C for Downes
resume') The conversation was held via speakerphone from a conference room at the Mesa County Sheriffs Office. FBI Special Agent Ron Baker, who is assigned to the Grand Junction FBI Office, Lieutenant Richard Dillon, Mesa County Sheriffs Office, and Captain Bill Gardner, Mesa County Sheriffs Office, were also present during the phone conference. Sergeant Callow told your affiant that Special Agent Baker briefed Supervising Special Agent Dowries on the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Jennifer and Abby Blagg prior to the conference call. Special Agent Downes stated this case is highly suspicious and much of the focus needs to be placed on Michael Blagg.

41. CB1 findings dated 12/10/01 state DNA profiles from several items of blood found in master bedroom and the van match the DNA profile of Jennifer Blagg. CBI results dated 3/20/02 of latents found on the jewelry' box and assorted items from the purse lying on the master bedroom floor indicated that latent finger prints matched Michael Blagg. Latent Finderprints matching Michael Blagg were also found on the contents of assorted items from the purse. As of this date no blood has been located which would match the DNA profile of Abby Blagg.

42. During the week of 01/11/02 while conducting surveillance of Michael Blagg, investigators observed Michael Blagg removing offlce furniture and property (paper shredder) from his place of employment at Ametek-Dixson at 287 27 Road, Grand Junction, Colorado. Investigators spoke to management of Ametek-Dixson who stated Michael Blagg did not have permission to have these items and reported the items stolen at that time. On 02/05/02 and 02/08/02 Investigators conducted two two search warrents of Michael Blagg's new residence of 4330 North Club Court #B, Grand Junction, Colorado and recovered every item reported stolen from Ametek-Dixson.

43. On -02/05102, -Investigators requested Michael Blagg come in for another interview and polygraph. Michael Blagg agreed. The interview lasted approximately 10 hours. The interview was conducted by Agent Bill Irwin with the FBI, Investigators George Barley, Steven King and your affiant. During the interview Michael Blagg continually denied knowing what happened to his wife Jennifer and his daughter Abby. Michael Blagg surmised that this act was a robbery that had gone bad or that a family or people who wanted children took Abby. Michael Blagg was confronted with the thefts from Ametek-Dixson. Michael Blagg denied for several hours that he ever stole anything saying that he took the items, which he believed were being sold in a company yard sale. When confronted with the overwhelming evidence of people seeing him take all the items, Michael Blagg finally admitted that he stole the office furniture and paper shredder. Michael Blagg was confronted with the fact that over 1800 items of pornography were on his personal computers and work computers. Michael Blagg denied for a moment he was doing viewing the pornography to this extreme. When hundreds of the pictures were displayed to Michael Blagg he admitted to viewing the pornography however his wife, Jennifer would often join him in viewing the pornographic pictures. After several hours, Michael Blagg said his wife did confront him once about 4 or 5 months ago about viewing the pornography. Michael Blagg said he would view the pornography in
the evenings between 2000 hours and 2200 hours.

44. Your affiant confronted Michael Blagg about seeing a prostitute. Michael Blagg denied ever seeing a prostitute. Michael Blagg was confronted about a fight he and his wife had the Friday
before her disappearance. Michael Blagg denied that they fought and then once again later in the interview admitted that he and his wife did fight that Friday about about an employment opportunity in Longmont. Michael Blagg said it was not a major fight, just a disagreement. Michael Blagg said his wife never expressed anything to him about wanting a divorce or anything about him doing something to Abby inappropriately. Your affiant and Agent Irwin spoke to Michael Blagg about the email he wrote to Jennifer on his work computer. Michael Blagg admitted writing the e-mail but said it was referring to a disagreement about relocating for another job.

45. Towards the end of the interview your affiant confronted Michael Blagg telling him that I knew he banned his wife and what I didn't know was why. Michael Blagg broke down sobbing lightly. Your affiant told Michael Blagg tell me the truth about what happened to Jennifer. Michael while sobbing, his head lowered and his Iips quivering replied "I can't." Your affiant repeated several times to Michael Blagg to tell me the truth. Michael Blagg kept responding I can't tell you." Your affiant then told Michael Blagg to at least tell me where Jennifer and Abby were at. Michael Blagg raised his head, looked straight into your affiant's eyes and said calmly,"I really don't know where they are at."
Your affiant asked if they were in the river. Michael Blagg nodded no and stated "I really don't know." Michael Blagg gained his composure and again denied knowing what happened to Jennifer and Abby Blagg. A while later in the interview Michael Blagg asked what were the consequences and differences in the types of murders. After talking for a few more minutes Michael Blagg began sobbing some more with his head slumped and lips quivering. Your affiant told Michael again to tell me the truth and to get rid of the guilt he was carrying. Michael Blagg asked to pray for a moment. After praying Michael Blagg stated he wanted to tell the truth but he wanted to have a lawyer tell him what the truth is going to mean. Michael Blagg repeated that he would tell us the truth after speaking to an attorney. The interview was ended.

46. On 02/06/02 Investigator Barley went over to Michael Blagg's residence at 4330 North Club Court, unit B, to pick up the rest of the stolen items Michael Blagg admitted taking. Upon arrival Michael Blagg did not answer the door. Based on concern for Michael Blagg's safety, forced entry was made. Michael Blagg was found naked in a bathtub with both of his wrists slit. Concerned that Michael Blagg was going to die I attempted to obtain a dying declaration. Michael Blagg denied doing anything to his wife and daughter. Michael Blagg did leave a suicide note saying he did not harm his wife and daughter and that things would be said about him that were not true. Michael Blagg recovered from his wounds while at St. Mary's Hospital.

47. On 02/21/02 Special Agent Jeffrey Newton with the FBI interviewed Edith Gail Melson, DOB 01/11/62 in Simpsonville, South Carolina. Edith Melson stated she met the Blaggs in 1998 and remained friends with Jennifer Blagg until now. Edith Melson stated that she last spoke to Jennifer Blagg approximately 10 days prior to her disappearance. Melson said Jennifer Blagg told her two things that have haunted her since learning of Jennifer's disappearance. Edith Melson stated the first thing was that Jennifer asked her to pray for her concerning a problem she is having. Ms. Melson said that Jennifer added that she has something to tell her, but she couldn't tell her at that time. Melson said that Jennifer told her that what she had to say would be very upsetting.

48. Ms. Melson said Jennifer then told her that she and Abby were planning to come to South Carolina soon for a visit. Melson said this statement upset her more than her earlier prayer request. Ms.Melson explained that it would be highly unusual and uncharacteristic for Michael Blagg to allow Jennifer and Abby to travel to South Carolina without him. Melson stated that while she was very excited at seeing her best friend again, she was scared about the implications behind the visit. Ms. Melson stated she feared this may be a sign of serious marital problems between Jennifer and Michae1, and this may have been the reason for the visit.

49. On 05/13/02, as a result of the ongoing investigation, a search was begun of the Mesa County Landfill. On 05/15/02, two days after the search of the landfill began, Michael Blagg left Grand Junction, Colorado and moved to Warner Robbins, Georgia. The landfill staff was able to determine an area likely to contain refuse from November of 2001. An excavator was used to remove refuse from the area on to a flat area and then several investigators would rake through what came out of the bucket. While in this area several newspapers and papers were found with the date of 11/13/02. Several articles with the name of Ametek-Dixson were also found in this general area. On the 17th day of the search, 06/04/02 at approximately 1015 hours, the excavator pulled a bucket of refuse out of the hole and a right leg with foot was seen dangling from the bucket by Investigator Henry Stoffel. All operations were immediately halted. The leg was attached to something else covered in a nylon type of material. No further digging was done and a forensic team consisting of Mesa County Sheriff's Officers, FBI and CBI agents were called in to complete the search. Dr. Robert Kurtzman, Mesa County Coroner responded to the scene and confirmed that the right leg was that of an adult female. The search is ongoing at the time of this writing of the affidavit.

50. On 06/05/02, a decomposing Caucasian female body, minus the left leg, was collected at inc scene. The upper torso was wrapped inside what was later identified as a black and red tent. This body was taken to the Mesa County Coroner's Office. Later the left leg was found in the hole in approximately the same area where the first bucket with the body was found. Also found in the same area were what would be described as multiple plastic gauge punch outs consistent to what is produced at Ametec-Dixson. Approximately two backhoe buckets after the left leg was pulled out, the above described plastic punch outs were discovered. These items were removed from the same area as the body and the leg.

51. On 06/05/02 Investigator Norcross and Investigator Hebenstreit attended a post-mortem examination of the decomposed body found at the Mesa County Landfill. The post-mortem was done by Doctor Dean Havlik at Community Hospital morgue with Doctor Robert Kurtzman assisting. Also in attendance were CBI Agent Kevin Humphreys and FBI Agent Arnold Bellmer.

52. Investigator Hebenstreit took with him a dental x-ray of Jennifer Blagg, which he obtained from the evidence section at the Mesa County Sheriff's Office. The x-ray was inside a red folder that was seized during a search warrant at the former Blagg residence, 2253 Pine Terrace Court. A label attached to the x-ray indicated it was taken in 1990 prior to Jennifer's marriage to Michael Blagg and is under her maiden name, Jennifer Loman. The dental x-ray of Jennifer Blagg, AKA Jennifer Loman, was given to John Bull, D.D.S., and he compared it to head x-rays of the body taken during the post-mortem exam. At about 12:00 noon, Dr. Bull positively identified the body as that of Jennifer Blagg, based on the dental x-rays. A retainer was found inside the mouth of Jennifer Blagg and identified as a lower retainer by Doctor Bull.

53. During the post-mortem examination, Dr. Havlik, a Forensic Pathologist, removed a bullet and bullet fragments from the brain. Dr. Havlik stated the entry wound was to the left eye. CBI Special Agent in Charge, Kevin Humphrey's did a brief examination of the bullet and indicated it was, in all likelihood, fired from a handgun. He said the caliber of the bullet was probably a 9-millimeter or similar size. At about 12:20 p.m. on 06/05/02, Dr. Havlik ruled that the cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head and the manner of death was homicide.




BASED ON THE FOREGOING, there is probable cause to believe that on or about November 12 and November 13, 2001, in the County of Mesa and State of Colorado, Michael Francis Blagg, DOB: 02/18/63, committed one count of the crime of Murder in the first degree, in violation of CR5 18-3-102, a class I felony. It is therefore respectfully requested that a warrant be issued for the arrest of said defendant.




The foregoing was subscribed and sworn to before me on this 5th day of June, 2002
by ________



County/District Court Judge