Have you ever wondered if the sun will rise tomorrow and end your long night?

 Do you sometimes pray that the sun will quickly set so that you can finally get some rest? 


No matter what the problems of this day or night, we have a guarantee that there will be another day or night soon.  How wonderful to know that the One who created the beautiful sunrises and sunsets is also the One who cares deeply about your days and night.  How awesome to ponder on the thought that He knows our coming in and our going out, and that He has wonderful plans to bless us. We truly are fearfully and wonderfully made, and how desperately the enemy of our souls wants us to forget that, and to focus on the darkness of the night and the oppressing heat of the day.

  What would happen do you suppose, if instead of dreading the darkness of the night and the oppressive heat of the day if we embraced them before we let them go?  What would happen if we praised God for the night and looked deeply for the reason He may have let it come upon us?  What if during the oppression, we basked in His love and felt His warmth?  I suspect that we would see a new sunset and a new sunrise and thank our heavenly Father for the long days and long nights.  We would see and be grateful for what He has taught us through them, and look forward to what He is going to use us for now!

No pain is without a purpose and nothing that comes to us has come without His permission.  That alone should give us cause to look very differently at all we go through.  If we had only Joy and "fun" in this life, we would indeed be very shallow people and of no use to Him.  But as we endure hardships and are comforted by Him, we learn how to help others who suffer the same pain.  We learn how to Comfort them, just as He send others to help us who have been through it.  What a legacy!

And doesn't it make sense, though?  For that is why Christ came as a baby and grew up being tempted in all points as we are so that we can know that He understands!  He didn't have to do that so He would get it-- He already knew exactly what and how we feel.... but He suffered and died the way He did so we would have an example of how very much He loves us...so we would know that He knows our pain even when we think HE can't possibly!    For that purpose, He came and suffered.

So, the next time we are suffering a long night or intense heat of the battle during the day, let's thank Him for being with us, and celebrate the rising or setting of the sun with the Son! 

~Glenda Bell~

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