Prayer For A Friend

What Good Does Prayer Do Anyway?


"I pray as I write this that God will sort out my thoughts, and as I write, He will guide my heart, my thoughts, and my fingers. May the words be clear and consise and full of meaning - so it will be valuable not only for me but for all who pass by here."


There are times I am led to pray for someone- and may never know why. This is one of those times. I do know that what I have to write is very important to someone - if it is you, then I praise God! Please take the time to let me know. You are very valuable to the Father, for Him to place you on my heart so heavy right now!


Prayer is a very strange thing - something that if you have never done it, you can't really understand just what it is. That is, unless you view it in the right way. Prayer is talking with God. It's not one way, and there is no set pattern. It's part of a relationship with the Father. Consequently, the style of prayer you pray greatly reflects your relationship with your Heavenly Father.

Prayer does not give you spiritual power, but rather aligns your life with God so that he chooses to demonstrate His power through you.


It is not to convince God to change your circumstances- that is not its purpose. Instead, it prepares you to become involved in God's activity.


When we look at Pentecost, we see much that the disciples had to learn about prayer, too. They were told to stay there and to wait. Jesus told them to wait, and they did - they prayed and waited. They didn't understand what they were waiting for. (Just as you may not know what God is asking you to wait for.)

As they waited and prayed, they were adjusting their lives to what God intended next. Their lives were never the same after that.


Your waiting time right now is a time to adjust your life for what God is going to do next!


The Pentecost prayer did not induce the Spirit to come upon them. It brought the people to a place where they were ready to participate in the great work God had already planned.


As they waited and prayed, a unity developed. They used the scriptures to guide their decision. (For the replacement of Judas)

And their prayer prepared them for their obedient response.


This time of prayer and waiting is to adjust you to God's will - not visa versa.

Adjust your praying to align with God's agenda.

God is more interested in what He wants to see happen in you than what you would like to see happen.


I dont know who you are, or what you are seeking, but please know God loves you with a never-ending love! He gave His Son for you- and He will withold no good gift from you. Enter into His presence with a grateful and humble heart - and tell Him your need. Give Him your heart, and not whatever or whoever is keeping you from Him!


Father, I pray for this seeker, or seekers, that you will open their eyes to what you are wanting them to know. Let them feel your awesome love, and experience the awesome power in your grace. I pray they will know the meaning of an intimate relationship with you, and will daily experience intimate communication with you!

Father, Thank you for allowing me to be a vessel,...You are truly awesome! Amen.

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