What is God thinking when a child has seizures that can’t be controlled?  He knit that baby together in his mother’s womb.  Why did he make those brain cells malfunction?  Or did something in the world cause them harm?  And if so, why did He allow it?

  Why is it some people make terrible choices that affect everyone in their lives, and yet they sail through life seemingly happy as can be.  Reaping none of the consequenses of their sin, and enjoying the "rewards" of their sin to its fullest?

  Why is it some drug addicts live and others die?  What does God use in making the choice of who lives and who dies?  Of who suffers for his own sin and who causes many innocent others to suffer?

  Oh, I know, God’s ways are not our ways.  Yet that does not explain it to me.  I watch as an innocent victim of a severe seizure disorder goes through his extremely limited life without complaints; without blaming others; without feeling entitled to everything he wants.  At the same time I watch another young man of the same age who is healthy and multitalented.  Yet he has chosen to solve all his "problems" with pot, to the point of being so addicted that he has not been “not high” for over four years.  All around him, people who live him suffer from his financial problems, his scalding words, his inflated sense of entitlement, and his total self absorption.  Why does God allow the innocent one to suffer from so many physical ailments, and the addict to enjoy a beautiful, talented body?    There is no justice in that, yet I know God is a God of justice.  I know there is an answer to my questions.  I also know my feeble mind could probably not comprehend it if He were to come right out and explain it to me.  Yet it causes me to wonder daily. I watch and see the fruits of lives like these, and know that it is not just one year of seasons before I will see the fruits.  Perhaps the first harvest time will be very small: the lives these two young men have touched will be changed.  It may be that I will not even notice it the first harvest season.  But indeed, the harvest times will be when I will begin to discover the answer to my questions.

  The innocent one, I know, has already blessed many lives.  I know he loves the Lord just as a small child does.  No questions asked.  No lofty ideas of some kind of a politically correct higher being.  Just plain, simple faith.  The kind of faith Jesus told His disciples they needed..

  The addict?  He too has blessed some lives with his talent, and even his love, when he gives it.  Yet his love for the Lord has been replaced by an idol of self fulfillment; a drug.  A weed.  He has built a shrine to it and his life revolves around it on a hourly basis.  He has brought pain to many lives, and I suspect in the future years, each harvest will see more and more pain and destruction.

  What happened in the lives of these two young men as they grew up?  When did satan get permission to inflict one with so many physical problems?  And why did the other choose a god other than the Jesus he once loved?

  Does the Father love one more than the other?  No.

  Does He regret sending His son for either of them?  No.

  Will He keep sending His message to them both?  Yes.

  Will he rescue either one of them on this earth?  (Only He knows.)

  Can I do any less? 


 Oh, God, help me to see You in everything!  Even when I do not understand Your ways, give me the courage and wisdom to accept them, and to seek Your will for my life, not everyone else’s.  Fill me with Your love, power, wisdom and encouragement.  Let me be an instrument of Your peace!







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