Chronic Illness/Pain links
Annie's Chronic Illness/Pain Survivors Page
This is my favorite.  She has a huge site with many wonderful pages, and this section on chronic illnesses and pain is just one of them.  You will probably find any other links you could ever want here.
Rest ministries
This is a non-profit Christian organization serving people who live with chronic illness or pain.
They have a chat room, daily devotionals, a newsletter, and lots more.  If you are interested in starting a support group where you are, they have the resources!
A Shelter in The Storm
"We are devoted to serving those who suffer as we do, with Chronic pain and Illness"
Peggie's Place..Weekly devotional on pain
Also a large Christian site. You'll enjoy your visit here.
Living with Fibromyalgia and MPS

Medical type links

Yahoo has some great sites to go to for information.
The Daily Apple
This site is informative on the nature of pain and various treatments for it.
Back and Body Care
There are other links from this site, but this page gives animated exercizes to help pain.  The ball they use here has helped me quite a bit!  This site has what advice you get from physical therapists, so I am partial to it!  :-)

Partners Against Pain
This site has a lot of information that you can access as a patient or as a health professional.
Today's Pain News
Keep up with the latest news on pain control.
Ask the pain Dr
This site is designed to allow you to Ask The Pain Doctor a question and obtain general advice from a practicing pain professional. 


The Gift Of Pain

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