Father, I give to you the many things over which I have no control.

Those things that seek to control me emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually.

Those things that cause my heart to grieve and ache.

Those things that are painful to call to mind.

All the fears and concerns of the past, present and future.

Those things that I would change, if I could, and have difficulty accepting because I can't.

The people you've given me in love, to love.

The bodily aches and pains.

My precious Lord, I give you also those things over which I do exercise some control.

 My comings and goings.

The thoughts I entertain, the words I utter, the actions I speak through.

I surrender to you my aspirations. 'My times are in your hands', by choice.

 I surrender to you the placement of my affections. All that I would prefer to maintain control of, I give to you. Those things that bring a security in knowing that I can make a choice in them.

Those roles in which I have a position of authority or influence.

In giving all to you, I receive your fullness, your blessing, your love, in ever-increasing measure.

As I empty myself, you fill me.

And with deep, deep joy and delight I give you also . . . my love. 

  ~Author Unknown~


Thank you, Beth, for sending this to me!