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Acid Hac-man (Wierd!!!) by Nev÷uS /Screenshot
Battle Tank 2000 (Joust update) by Nev÷uS /
)Clyde's Revenge (Clyde beeing chased by Pac-Men) by Cheshire Cat /
Headless ExciteBike (Still has some Probs.) by Nev÷uS /Screenshot
Knight 1 (Updated soon) by Dragon Warrior /Screenshot
Knight 2 (The Sequal) by Dragon Warrior /
Knight Clasic (old skwool) by Dragon Warrior /
Knight Joust (self explanatory dont-ch-think) by Dragon Warrior /
Ninja Mario (Hiii Yaaaa) by Nev÷uS /Screenshot
Pac-Man Bobble (hmm i wonder?) by Dragon Warrior /
Punk Mario (KILL RAP!!!!!!!) by Nev÷uS /Screenshot
Flying Toaster (Mac Owners need not download) by Dragon Warrior, and Nev÷uS /Screenshot
War-Man (Guns-n-Stuff) by Dragon Warrior /Screenshot
Wolf Pack (4 Life) by Nev÷uS /Screenshot
Wolf Pack Clasic (4 Life) by Cheshire Cat /Screenshot
Comeing soon: Wolf Pac II, Skelleton-man in: escape from howdie doodie land, and little nemo drug master.