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SoftCuisine - Recipe Software

SoftCuisine 1 is a simple and easy to use recipe manager. It will run comfortably on any PC from a 486 processor upwards. It uses little memory and so it runs beside other applications. It is the only Shareware Recipe program to support proper UK measurements along with US and Metric measurement types.

You can view Recipes, Ingredients, Meal Plans, and Shopping Lists in separate windows. Each Recipe can be edited and new Recipes can be added easily. It stores all your Recipes in a single database so that you don't have to find the correct 'CookBook' in order to find a Recipe!

You can view quantities in US, UK or metric units. SoftCuisine can automatically convert between these different measurement types. Recipes can be assigned to as many categories as you like to aid searching.

You can display multiple Recipes on the screen at the same time in order to compare them. It has a print preview feature so that you can see what the Recipe will look like before you print it.

You can search your recipes by categories, calories, ingredients, or difficulty. You can specify whether you want to search for recipes which include certain ingredients or do not include certain ingredients. You can include or exclude Recipes in certain categories. You can also browse through the list of available Recipes.

It includes a glossary, conversion tables and context-sensitive help. It also includes Web Links so that you can go straight to your favorite cookery pages from SoftCuisine. It runs on Windows 3.1 and 95/98.

You can import Recipes in Meal-Master and MasterCook II formats. You can export Recipes and send them via email to your friends.

It includes some sample recipes.

Limitations in downloadable version: 30 days (total) trial after which you cannot edit Recipes.

SoftCuisine still only costs $20 to register and is free to registered users of older versions. 

SoftCuisine 1.3 has now been released. 

SoftCuisine has been awarded  by ZDNet.

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SoftCuisine 1.3 has the following new features :-  
  • Support for decimal and fractions.
  • Improved context sensitive help.
  • Bug fixes.
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