Reviews by Jeff (JQD) and Nick (NSM)

Brat #9 ($2 ppd)
P.O. Box 4964
Louisville, KY 40204-0964
Fuck yeah!  This is great!  A crapload of kids writing political and social
articles that at every chance prompt the reader to get involved with some
cause.  This is just plain out good. I dig so many of the articles in here
that have topics like: giving kids the vote, suburbia and it's psychological
effects, hackers with a cause, junior ROTC, and using human poop as
fertilizer.  On top of that, there is an interview with Jello Biafra. *5*

Brewster #3 ($1 ppd)
c/o Charisma
3515 Chase Street
Wheat Ridge, CO 80212
A personal zine from your friend and mine, Charisma Lee.  I like this quite
a bit.  The travel journal was by far the best.  I enjoyed the other
writings as far as I could read them (many times they'd get cut off along
the edges).  My only recommendation would be to increase margin size so
readers of this zine could read it all. *4* (JQD)

Burnt #1 ($1 ppd)
400 Park Road
Parsippany, NJ 07054-1737
This is a fairly decent cut n' paste photocopied zine.  There are some okay
writing on various topics. Some are personal and others kinda political. 
Nothing too cohesive though.  There are also a crap load of reviews here
that almost make it worth it.  Many of the things reviewed I have never seen
or heard of before. *2.75* (JQD)

Dependent #3
(No mailing information)
First off, for those of you who don't know, this is not the same Dependent. 
It's published by completely different people.  The introduction, which
deals with the violence and the shutting down of the Legion, is obviously
based on hearsay. How do I know it's based on hearsay?  I was standing with
Charisma Lee three feet away when it happened. I also got the facts after
the matter from Lorenzo, who happened to book shows at the Legion. The
introduction, being based on hearsay, doesn't get the facts straight and
oversimplifies the situation. It was not a simple matter of a "ruddie that
tried to beat up a punk." There were also communication problems that night
at the Legion between people that work there.  If the editor had taken the
time to talk to Lorenzo, she would have found out about (besides the
violence situation) that there were also other reasons why the Legion is no
longer doing shows like inter-politics at the Legion.  One other thing that
gets on my nerves about the introduction is the definition of punks shows
offered up by the editor, "I realize that punk shows are all about
aggression and hitting people. . ."  Excuse me, but I must have missed
something somewhere these last few years. There is an aggression in punk,
but punk is not "all about aggression."  And  "hitting people" has never
been accepted behavior in the punk scene. I am flat-out dumbfounded  by the
editor's acceptive tone. After reading the introduction, I regretted the
help I gave the editor to get the zine started back up.  I was also weary of
going on.  I did, however, to find a pretentious "10 Ways to Tell if You Are
a Pop Punk." This, when what we need most is a more unified scene, not
divided.  I don't care if it was supposed to be humorous, it isn't. Besides
highly irritating articles at the beginning, there is a good article on the
war on drugs, and decent interviews with 8 Bucks Experiment and File 4. *1*

Establishment #1 ($1 ppd)
P.O. Box 33
Glen Haven, CO 80532
I hate this fucking artsy-fartsy, la dee-da, bullshit rag.  Fuck this. 
Drivel. I'm gonna go get a lobotomy. *0* (JQD)

Hectic World #3 ($1 ppd)
P.O. Box 199
Clawson, MI 48017
Boring layout, little content.  The cover has Boy Sets Fire, Orangetree, At
the Drive-In, and Burning Airlines. The problem is that there are no
interviews for At the Drive-In or Burning Airlines.  So we're left with the
Orangetree interview (which was good, especially since it was an email
interview that went into depth) and the Boy Sets Fire interview was alright.
Other than that there's some reviews and a few ads. *3* (JQD)

The Instinct's Rhythm Vol. 1, Issue #6 ($1 ppd)
c/o Scott Fountain
A/52 ENGR Box #172
Ft. Carson, CO 80913
I've seen this zine around town and picked it up occasionally but never
really bothered to hunker down and read it.  Now I feel obliged as I've been
sent two issues.  There are some things I like about this zine, which is a
collection of short fiction stories, and then there are some things I don't.
  When I first began, I read "Message In a Bottle," which I dug as it is a
tale of being shipwrecked and stranded on a tropical island.  Like I said it
was eery and was a cross between a pirate/buried treasure story with a
fantasy or sci-fi story.  Then I began reading "Stairway to Heaven," a
serial sci-fi/fantasy story that takes up the majority of the zine, and
which had a really great set-up for telling the story from different points
of view (though it could use some refinement meshing the different points of
view into an understandable form).  My big turn-off with "Stairway. . ." was
that it was too hokey, and seemed like it just had words or phrases thrown
in to make it sci-fi or fantasy like.  There wasn't much else except a
pamphlet on mind control (which I don't if it was fiction or not) and an
unamusing fictional dialogue about jury duty. *2* (JQD)

The Instinct's Rhythm Vol. 2, Issue #7 ($1 ppd.)
This is more of the same short fiction stories compiled into a half-size
zine, only better. *3.5* (JQD)

Intox #4 ($2 ppd)
P.O. Box 4173
Estes Park, CO 80517
I don't know how long I've been waiting for this issue to show up in the
P.O. Box, but it finally has.  This, it's finale, is by far the most "emo"
of the previous issues along with being the biggest (104 pages).  Offered up
are interviews with Tanger, Get Up Kids, Jets to Brazil, and At The
Drive-In.  There is so much here I don't even think I got through it all.
There's also fiction and columns and the like.  The highlight for me is the
thought-provoking article on Women's Lib and its side effect of parents
being away from the home more (and no, it's not some sexist Rush Limbaugh
article).  If you get this, expect to have de ja vu when you get A Smaller
Footprint as both zines are formatted by Robin. *4* (JQD)

Jaded In Chicago #8 ($1, ppd)
c/o Bill Denker
4031 Forest Ave.
Western Springs, IL 60558
This is good fanzine outta Chicago featuring interviews with The Get Up
Kids, Anti-Flag, Apocalypse Hoboken, and Small Brown Bike.  There are also
some reviews of Chicago area shows including one of the Lillingtons where
Ben Weasel made a guest appearance on the microphone.  There are also more
Chicago features highlighting the local band The Story So Far (ex-88 Fingers
Louie) and a local record store.  There are only three articles in here,
only one of which I thought had both good subject matter and good execution
and was about drifting away from your punk roots and finding yourself
working for a corporation. I also like the massive quantities of good to
decent photos offered up in this zine.  I especially recommend it if you
want to brush up on what's going on in the highly happening scene of
Chicago. *4* (JQD)

Rhetoric 101 #2 ($1 ppd)
149 James Dr.
Gulfport, MS   39503
This zine comes to us from Mississhowever you fucking spell it. Its real
rough, edgy type zine. No interviews. But it has cool collages, and two
short stories. *3*

A Smaller Footprint #1 ($2 ppd)
P.O. Box 2337
Boulder, CO 80306
Combining the talents of Robin from Intox and Stuart from Midget
Breakdancing Digest this is one hell of a zine.  Of the interviews the only
band I really know of and dig is Atom and His Package so I dug it greatly. 
The others, with Indecision, Braid, and Shogun, were good and got me
planning to check them out.  I really liked the lengthy articles on the WTO
and band ethics. The fiction was kinda hit and miss with me, as is the case
always.  Definitely worth your time to pick this one up.(NSM)

Standard Issue #1 ($1 ppd.)
12650 W. 64th Ave. #E117
Arvada, CO   80004
Another emo/hardcore zine. Usually i dread these types of zines because they
are SO whiny and shitty. But this is pretty good. It has tips on how to get
free pop from machines FSU style. Some funny stories. Good interviews with
Decent. 1$ by mail *4* (NSM)

Tail Spins #33 ($4, ppd)
POB 1860
Evanston, IL 60204
The thing I notice most whenever I pick up a copy of Tail Spins is the
unbelievable amount of reviews.  Many albums are reviewed more than once,
which is nice having multiple views on the same release.  Other than that,
the biggest and best highlight in here is the article on traveling by
Greyhound bus.  If you have ever ridden the bus cross-country, you gotta get
this just to read the article. *4* (JQD)