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Arvey Healing and Spiritual Transmissions

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This work utilizes a unique blend of high order energetics for clearing and healing the subtle and physical bodies, all of which is done through pure transmission. It also helps elevate and align one with one's Beingness and higher self. Light Body Healing is unique in that the entire aura and energetic structures of the healer are used, thus negating the necessity of using physical touch. It is healing that derives from the Soul level, or Higher Self, from many multidimensional levels.This work happens as an emanation of energy and light from the facilitator's Light Body and chakral centers.The benefits are exponential and powerful. (See article at Light Body healing uses higher dimensional energies that permeate the client's auric fields, energy and physical body. Blockages may be released, flow is reestablished, alignments occur between the subtle and physical bodies and the Higher Self. The facilitator acts as a Chamber of Light to hold and deliver the vibrational frequencies needed to boost and shift the client toward expanded Light,healing, and consciousness. Such frequency shifts occur through channels of consciousness that orchestrate subtle energies through an intuitive knowingness. The more one accesses higher energetic frequencies, the more one is able to stabilize these energies in their own fields and awareness on a permanent basis. Experiences will vary from individual, as well as intensity. Long distance sessions work remarkably well. Also offered are some initiations. They can be given long distance and include Metatron, Soul Star, Order of Melchizedek, Gold Ray, Galactic Light, and the Ama Deus shaman healing from Alberto Aguas and the rainforests of Brazil. These can be done at a distant over the phone. For further information, please call (303)589-4123, (303)-273-2876, or email: I have been involved in meditative and healing modalities since 1969. Let me know if you'd like further information. Other sites at,

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