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Links to other Kawasaki KLR 650 webpages

Here are my favorite links to other KLR 650 webpages.Once visiting press Back to return to this page.

This page last updated 28-July 2007.

The best of all the KLR650 webpages.

Mark St.Hilaire's KLR650 Page
KLR650 FAQ by BigCee
In memory of Eric

Other KLR650 webpages

Redondo Ron
Thumper Owners Directory Page
Eric's Kawasaki KLR 650 + DualSport Page
Motormark64's KLR650 Home Page
The Cycle Ward
Chicago to Alaska by Falke
Hundreds of photos

Phantom Riders KLR650 Inventions
Raz's KLR650 page
Rev Chuck's Dual Sport Center
Bookwoods KLR page

Kawasaki KLR650 Reviews

Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly KLR 650 Ride Report
M/C Online Magazine Article-1999 KLR650
Motorcycle Daily Ride Review Kawasaki KLR650
KLR C Model info: European motorsports and travel
USMC Diesel KLR650 Ride Review