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Kerri has done her directing debut "BellyFruit" with her own production company Independent Women Artists.

An unflinching look at the reality of teenage motherhood, co-writer-director Kerri Green's gripping first feature originated in a writing workshop for young mothers of all ethnicities in Los Angeles. From the real lives of these women rose this representative tale about three girls - a hard-headed, 14-year-old African American foster kid, a promiscuous, 13 year-old Caucasian wild child, and a soulful 16-year-old Latina beauty - whose travails are delicately woven into an enduring story about the untimely demise of childhood. Introducing the ample talents of three fresh actresses, Green's film is an inspirational labor of love that offers an authentic, unbiased picture of one of the most challenging dilemmas a kid ever has to face. Plus Short: Molly Jones' Debutante TRT: 97 min.Director: Kerri Lee Green Writers: Janet Borrus, Maria Bernhard, Susannah Blinkoff, Kerri Lee Green Producers: Bonnie Dickenson, Robert Bauer Executive Producers: Nancy Daly Riordan, Susannah Blinkoff, Bonnie Dickenson, Kerri Lee Green


It took three weeks to shoot "Bellyfruit" on 50 locations, 58 speaking roles and 11 babies.

What is Independent Women Artists?
It's a production company founded by Kerri and Bonnie Dickenson in 1996. Independent Women Artists's pilot project was the original play, Bellyfruit, which was performed as a benefit for Gramercy Court (a home for young mothers and their babies). Kerri and Bonnie created IWA to combine their artistic and social interests.

Here's Kerri with some other independent film-makers when she got interviewed by LA weekly. You can read it here. Photo by Debra DiPaolo

Here is a add for a 2nd Assistant Director.

05-MAY-99: Read my interview with the actor James DuMont, who play Lou in "Bellyfruit".

Cast overview:
Kelly Vint.... Christina
Tonatzin Mondragon.... Aracely
T.E. Russell.... Damon
Michael Pena.... Oscar
James DuMont.... Lou
Melody Garrett.... Doctor
Ruben Madera.... Eddie
Luis Chávez .... Enrique
Lloyd Battista.... Mr. Vasquez
Yareli Arizmendi .... Mrs. Vasquez
Mitchell Hynes.... Punker Boy
Dwayne Alezandre.... T.K.
Bonnie Dickenson.... Diane
Natanya Ross.... Kelly
Kimberly Scott.... Carmen Duncan