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Welcome to China wax !

Jingmen Petrochemical Complex ,located in Jingmen Hubei of china is a giant petrochemical enterprise under China Petrochemical Corpation ,SINOPEC. With its complete processing unit which a few refineries in china have,it can produce various kinds of paraffin wax & microcrystalline wax which can used in candle-making,wax crayons,wax paper,electrical insulating,water-proofing anti-corrosion,adhesives,polishes,desensitizers,fine casting and rubber anti-ozonants and so on. Jingmen Petrochemical Complex is specialized in high melting point wax like semi-refined & fully-refined paraffin wax 62/64,64/66 as well as microcrystalline wax no 70,no 80,all of which are solely produced by our refinery. over the past ten years,we've been selling our products quite well worldwide in Asia,Africa,Latin America,South America and Europe with deep trust from our loyal customers. we are sincerely looking forward to any business cooperation with our existing and potential wax consumers and distributors worldwide,and guarentee the best conditions from us.

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