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My Greetings
At long last I have a greetings site. You will find some animations and midi to add. Come check it out. If you are stopping by to pick up a card, this is the link that you want to follow. Have fun and drop by again.

Passion for Parrots Postcards
This is a new site that I found that is full of cool cards to send to people, including animated cards and java cards. Some really pretty cards here. Check it out.

Hugs and Kisses
That's right, send a hug or a kiss to someone you care about.

Rose's Garden
Send someone to the place of there dreams. This site has some very beautiful pictures.

This site has love letters, hugs, kisses, you name it.

123 Greetings

Awesome Cyber Cards
This site allows you to create a greeting or an award.

Greet Street Greetings
There are some free cards here to choose from and the card which you send is delivered right to the recievers address. This is one of my favorites.

Angel's Selection
Create a Greeting card.

Improving World
Create a greeting card with music and animation.

Pacific Products
Another create a card site.

Virtual Presents
This site allows you to send presents to someone. This is a neat little site and has presents ranging from animals, to furniture, to cars!!

Mail a Meal
This site allows you to send a meal to someone through e-mail. I guess if you can't have that special dinner with them in person, this would be the next best thing.

Rick's Free Stuff
Send a free postcard