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The Truth Shall Set You Free

By Claudette Bratcher

The Bible says that Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

I remember quite clearly these words as they were softly spoken to me.

God began a work that Sunday as I quietly knelt beside my bed;

But the enemy began the battle and two wars within my head.


My soul was saved and it was settled on an old rugged cross.

Problem was I was determined in many ways to still be my own boss.

God had a plan and He designed it from the creation of the world.

And it still remains the same and is true for each boy and girl.


From the beginning of time, the Garden of Eden the serpent began the lie.

He is still doing it today and his forces of evil want all to spiritually die.

He knows he’s lost the battle but he wants to take the world to hell.

And without an intimate relationship with God our meager efforts fail.


Born into sin with a God spot that only the love of our creator can fill.

We just need to remember that satan’s desire is to destroy and kill.

Once we ask the Savior into our lives we receive the inheritance as He said.

But the flesh remains and it is weak and through lies we are easily led.


He even uses religion to keep us bound, often denying the power.

People don’t want a long sermon so they can be home within the hour.

Instead of praising the Lord we spend more time discussing who is right.

And I can see the demons laughing when Churches want to fight.


If he can get our eyes off of God He has created the ultimate deception.

Lost people will call out, “Bunch of hypocrites” this is without exception.

Until we know the strategy of the enemy the battle we cannot win.

And carnal Christians will keep on trying to fight the struggle with sin.


We need to know who we are in God and His promises we need to believe.

If you do not think you have faith, just ask and THEN you will receive.

There are only two issues, truth or lie but you will have to choose.

If you believe the lie and turn Him away you will be the one to lose.


What the world needs to understand is that the battle has already been won.

And it happened on a hill called Calvary when God gave his only Son.

You can search for happiness, riches or fame but have emptiness in your soul.

Reject the lie believe the truth and God’s wonders you will behold.


cross mountain
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