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Share the Love

In the course of our lifetime
we hear many speeches, songs, and see many pictures.
All of them
touch our life somehow
and this site is dedicated
to these items.
The words that made you feel good.
The pictures that made you see a different concept.
The music that made you feel a different emotions
and see things different in you life.

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 The Master's Call 
 In His Time 
  Abraham, Martin and John 
  One Day At A Time Sweet Jesus 
 We The People 
 Star Spangled Banner
  Words of Love 
  Words of Friendshipe 
  Words of Liberty  
  Rock and Roll Heaven 
 With All Our Love  
 The Old Old Story   
 He Did It For You 
  Claude Oscar Monet  
 One Tin Soldier  
 Put Your Hand In the Hand   
 Why Me Lord 
  For Kristal with Love from Mom  
 For Melissa Spring With All My Love  
 I Know Whom I Have Believed In   
 The Lord is My Shepherd 
  Give Them All To Jesus  
 Claude Debussy   
 Rise Again 
  The Four B's of Music Composers
  I Have a Dream  
 Sunrise Sunset  
 The Day The Music Died   
 Stevie Ray Vaughn 
  He's Everything To Me  
 Do Not Pass Me By  
 You Got A Friend   
 Foot Prints in The Sand 
  How Great Thou Art  
 For Those Tears I Died  
 He Lives  
 The Gambler 
  I know Who Holds Tomorrow 


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