Hercules & Xena vs. Mythology
I need a lot of help on this one guys! All you have to do is e-mail me the names of characters that have appeared on Hercules and Xena. Then I will look up their mythological equivalents. --Thank you to everyone who has given me names!

Argh!! I've fallen a bit behind due to some heavy school work. I haven't forgoten about your suggestions, and I'll add them as soon as I get some time to do a little research! Who thought college would be so time-consuming?!

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TV Alcmene--Herc's mom. She loves both of her sons equally, but Hercules rarely has a chance to see her. She dies of natural causes last season. Mythological Alcmene--Herc's mom. Not much is said about her, but she did help Iolaus take care of Herc's kids after Herc died.
TV Althaea-- Herc's dance partner in ...And Fancy Free. She was the town clutz, but she turned out to be a very fine dancer. Mythological Althaea--The mother of Meleger and Deianeira. She killed Meleager after he killed her brothers.
TV Aphrodite--Goddess of love. She is definently a valley girl! Although she looks (and acts) quite blond, she's not stupid, and even has a soft spot for Iolaus. Mythological Aphrodite--Goddess of love and beauty. Although she has her moments, we don't hear too much about her in Greek Mythology.
TV Ares--God of war. Can we say evil and mean? That's all this guy seems to be. Mythological Ares--God of war. He wasn't all that hated, and the Greeks would pray to him for success in battle. He was also the patron god of Sparta.
TV Argo-- Xena's horse. At first, he hated Gabrielle, but now they seem to have an understanding. He will come if you whistle. Mythological Argo-- The builder of Jason's Ship (also called the Argo). He was sometimes called "Argos".
TV Atalanta-- The first "muscle woman". She is in love with Hercules, but he doesn't love her back (he wants to stay friends). She keeps trying to get boyfriends by wearing very conservative dresses, but her secret always comes out. Mythological Atalanta-- An orphaned child, she was raised by bears, and was one of the best hunters of all time. Since she was devoted to Artemis, she refused to marry. She said that only the man who could out run her could marry her. If she won, her suitor would die. Many died until Hippomenes used Aphrodite's irrisistable golden apples to distract Atalanta from the race. Atalanta was a woman of her word, and when Hippomenes beat her, she married him. He didn't give her due honor, though, and they were turned into lions.
TV Autolycus--The King of Thieves. He's your typical rouge: good looking, suave, and cool. He loves to steal things, but has a good heart (but don't tell him that!). Mythological Autolycus--Son of Hermes. He, like his father, loves to play tricks on people. He's also a thief; his claim to fame is stealing the cows of Apollo like his father once did. He taught Herakles how to wrestle.
TV Callisto--Xena's nemesis. She tries to kill Xena at every oppurtunity. She became a goddess, but was killed (apparently) by Xena. Mythological Callisto--A nymph who got into trouble with a god, and was turned into a bear. She is the constallation Ursa Major (the big bear).
TV CecropsMan who loved Scylla, but was doomed to immortality by Poseidon. Mythological Cecrops--Founder and first king of Athens.
TV Charon--The ferryman of the underworld. He has a bad temper, but can be easily tempted to carrying Hercules across the River Styx. Mythological Charon--The Ferryman of the underworld. He had a lot more will power than his TV counterpart. He would only take those across who A. Gave him money, B. Had a proper burial, or C. Had been waiting for 100 years to get across.
TV Cheiron--A centaur. He's head master of Cheiron's academy. Cheiron is very wise and caring, and understanding. He seems to know everything! Mythological Cheiron--A centaur. Cheiron was wise and noble, unlike most of the other centaurs. He schooled the likes of Jason, Herakles, Achilles, Aesclepius, and Apollo. He was killed when Herakles accidentally shot him with an arrow.
TV Cupid--Son of Aphrodite. he used to turn into a green-eyed monster whenever he got jealous, but Herc cured him. Mythological Cupid--Real name-Eros (Cupid is the fuzzy Roman version of Eros). He was the god of erotic love; his arrows could make people fall in love.
TV Cyrene--Xena's mom. She runs an inn. Mythological Cyrene--Princess of Lapithae. She loved to wrestle lions. By Apollo she had two sons: Aristaeus and Idmon.
TV Daphne--Timuron's wife. Timuron died on before his wedding night, so they never consumated their marriage. King Sisyphus made advances towards her, but she rejected him. Mythological Daphne--Daughter of the river god Peneus. When Apollo chased her, she ran from him, and to ensure that the god never got her, Peneus turned her into a laurel tree.
TV Dahok-- The god of darkness. Gabrielle had his baby. Dahok killed Iolaus and took over his body, but was defeated by Hercules and Iolaus later that same season. Mythological Dahok-- A Zoroastrian dragon of darkness. He works for (or is sometimes said to be an incarnation of) Ahriman, the god or evil and darkness.
TV Deianeria--Herc's wife. She died when Hera sent a fireball down on her and the kids. Mythological Deianeria--Herc's second wife. She accidentally killed Hercules after being tricked by Nessus. She hung herself after she found out what she did.
TV Dirce--Princess of Scyros. When Iolaus was put on "trial" for stealing from the kings treasury, she defended him. She and Iolaus are "friends", and they keep meeting in wierd places (like at Falafel's Taco stand). Mythological Dirce--Queen of Thebes. She was put to death (dragged to death from the tail of a wild bull) by her two step-sons, Amphion and Zethus, for mistreating their mother (Antipoe). The gods took pity on Dirce and changed her into a fountain.
TV Discord--Ares's sister. She hates Hercules as much as her brother, and likes to cause problems for Herc and his friends. Mythological Discord--According to most sources the same as Eris (Strife).
TV Draco-- A warlord who was defeated by Xena when he attacked Amphipolis. He kept poping up on the series, and has a crush on Gabrielle, thanks to little Eros. When last I checked he was the leader of the Horde. Mythological Draco-- Not a myth, but an actual man. He was elected to rule the Athenian is 621 BCE after a nasty incident with the tyrant Cylon. Draco came up with laws that promoted equality, but the penalties for breaking those laws were way harsh: all offences were puinshible by death.
TV Echidna--The Mother of all monsters. She's nice when Typhon is around, but when he isn't, she turns mean! Mythological Echidna--The mother of all monsters. She was just plain mean, and she was really ugly.
TV Ephiny-- The reigning queen of the Amazons in place of Gabrielle. She was killed by Brutus. Mythological Ephiny--I can't find one in Greek/Roman mythology.
TV Eve-- Xena's daughter, she has no father. She was once evil, and is responsible for killing Joxer, but she now is good and is a follower of Eli's teachings. Mythological Eve-- The first woman, according to the Bible. She was Adam's second wife, and the mother of Cain and Abel.
TV Gabrielle--Xena's sidekick. She's also a amazon princess, and a bard. Mythological Gabrielle--No reference in *Greek* mythology
TV Hera--Herc's step-mom. She hates Herc and all of his friends. She's also very ugly. Last season Herc sent her to Tartarus. Mythological Hera--Although she hated Herc when he was a mortal, they became friends after he died. Herc married her daughter (Hebe).
TV Hercules--A nice guy who lost his family, and now helps others all over the known world. Mythological Hercules--Called Herakles (Hercules is the Roman form of his name) Killed his first wife and kids while under Hera's spell. He was poisoned by Deianera (accidentally) with a cloak soaked in Nessus' blood. He cremated himself to escape the pain, and then lived on Mt. Olympus and marrieed Hebe, goddess of youth.
TV Iolaus--Herc's best friend, and comrade-in-arms. He's somewhat of a clown, but he is very caring and compassionate. Iolaus was killed by the evil god Dahok, and became a servant of The Light. He's back on Earth now, fighting once again at Herc's side. Mythological Iolaus--Herc's nephew (Iphicles' son). He helped kill the hydra, and took care of Herc's kids after Herc died. He was also Herc's chariot driver, and won the chariot race at the first Olympics. Herc gave him Megara as a bride when Herc married Deianeira. Iolaus reagined his youth for one day in his later years, and avenged the persecution of Herc's kids.
TV Jason--Leader of the Argonauts. He became a drunken king after his troubles with Medea, but became sober again thanks to Hercules. He gave his Kingdom to Iphicles so he could marry Alcmene. Mythological Jason--Leader of the Argonauts. He had losts of trouble with Medea, and died a sad old man.
TV Joxer--A guy who really wants to be a hero, but doesn't have the confidence. He is annoying, but nice. He was killed by Livia. Mythological Joxer--I can't find one.
TV Lilith-- The only female cadet attending Cheiron's Academy. She is brave and strong, and just a tad whiney. Mythological Lilith-- According to Hebrew mythology, Lilith was the first woman. She wouldn't obey Adam's command, and was sent to Hell. Eve, who was much more impressionable, took her place on Earth.
TV Meleager-- "The Mighty". He's Gabrielle's childhood hero. He was drunkard mercenary, but Gabrielle and Xena straightened him out. Mythological Meleager--The hero of the Calydonian Boar Hunt. When he was a week old, the fates told his mother that he would live until the log on the fire had turned into ashes. She loved him, and hid the log in a trunk. When he killer her brothers during the boar hunt, she became enraged and burned the log, killing him.
TV Michael-- He's an archangel. He speaks Latin. He's a servant of the light. He's blond. Mythological Michael-- Um...he's an archangel, and the protector of Israel. Pretty cool dude, if you ask me. Contrary to popular belief the Hebrews and Israelites of old did not speak Latin.
TV Morigan-- A half-goddess in Eire, she is the only surviving Druid. She and Hercules are in love, but since they are needed in different areas of the known world they cannot be together. Mythological Morigan-- The triple goddess in Celtic mythology. She is very dangerous, so don't cross her.
TV Nebula-- She's a bad-@ss pirate queen sho is also the Queen of Sumeria. She and Iolaus had a thing, but Dahok kinda put an end to it. Mythological Nebula-- Not a mythological person, but the name is from a Latin word meaning mist, smoke, and exhalation.
TV Niobe--The strong-willed Queen af Attica. She loved Iolaus, and not her husband, Orestes. Mythological Niobe--A queen who boasted she was better than Leto (mother to Apollo and Artemis) because Niobe had seven sons, and seven daughters; Leto only had one of each. Artemis promptly killed all of her children.
TV Orestes--King of Attica. He died trying to make peace between the Kingdoms of Greece. He looks exactly like his cousin Iolaus.

TV Orestes--A second one was mentioned on Xena. He sounded exactly like his mythological counterpart.

Mythological Orestes--The last ruler of Attica. He avenged the death of his father by killing his mother, and was pursued by the furies until he went to Thebes and was cured.
TV Poseidon--God of the sea. He has taken quite the grudge against Xena! He seems spiteful and arrogant. Mythological Poseidon--God of the sea, bulls, horses, and I'm sure lots of other cool things. He was a deity as unpredictable as the sea: calm one minute and muy loco the next.
TV Salmoneous--A traveling toga salesman. He is not very brave, but will do anything for a dinar. Mythological Salmoneous--Son of Aeolus, he was Sisyphus' brother, and probably a king. He mimiced Zeus, and the god killed him with a lighting bolt.
TV Serena--The Last Golden Hind. She became mortal to escape Ares, and now has a husband and kids. Mythological Serena--I can't find one in Greek Mythology. Serena is a form of the Latin word serenus meaning clear, fair, or serene.
TV Strife--Ares's "wanna be a god" nephew, he talks like a surfer, and is really annoying! He was killed by Callisto. Mythological Strife--A GIRL named Eris. She accompanied Ares on the battle field and carried the Apple of Discord. She was the personification of Strife.
TV Sisyphus--King of Corinth (isn't Jason/Iphicles King of Corinth???) who thought he souldn't die because he still had great things to do for his kingdom. He convinced a boy named Timuron to die in his place, and then tried to seduce Timuron's widdow Daphne. Herc set him to the underworld and saved Timuron's soul (he still died though). Mythological Sisyphus--Your basic womanizer. He's a lot like Don Juan: he seduces women and then leaves them. He had children by his brother Salmoneous' wife, and she killed all of the offspring from their union. For his crimes he was forced to push a boulder up a hill in Tartarus, and just when he was about to reach the top, he'd slip and the boulder would fall back to the bottom of the hill, leaving his to push it back up.
TV Solan-- Xena's son. He was raised by Kalliapus, a centaur, and was killed by Hope. Mythological Solan-- (Solon) One of the 7 wise men of Greece.
TV Timuron--Daphne's husband. Dying for his king on his wedding might, Hercules helped the boy save his soul from Sisyphus' Immortal fate by taking the king into Hades. Hercules allowed Timuron and Daphne to consumate their marriage by allowing Timuron to use his body for one night (Timuron had been walking around as a shade and helping Hercules help Daphne escape from Sisyphus.). Timuron ended up in the Elysian Fields where he belonged. Mythological Timuron--I cant' find one in Classical mythology.
TV Titans--Imprisioned in a cave, they were freed (and later re-imprisioned) by Gabrielle reading a scroll. Mythological Titans--Imprisioned by Zeus in Tartarus after rising up against him they can only be freed by Zeus himself. Boy are they bitter about that one!
TV Typhon--A gentle giant who is some-what clumsy. He wants to be everyone's friend. Mythological Typhon--Ugly as sin and twice as mean. He rebelled against Zeus with the Titans. To thank him, Zeus burried him under Mt. Etna.
TV Xena--The Warrior Princess-Once an evil warlord, Herc turned her to the side of good. Mythological Xena--There wasn't one that I could find in any of my mythology books. Yes, I know many people believe in the Xena scrolls, but no references to them can be found before 1996, so I'm not counting them as a mythological source. The word Xena is a form of the Greek word xene meaning a female guest or a foreign woman.
TV Zeus--Herc's father. He cares about Herc, but he doesn't really love him. I get the impression that he likes what Herc is doing, but doesn't like the consequences. Mythological Zeus--Herc's father. Ignores Hercules in life, but makes him a god after Herc dies.

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