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Fuzzywassyworld is about the world of New Zealand.


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The Beer Cycle

Beer makes the world work.

Click here to read about The Beer Cycle


The Republic of Goat Island

On the left is New Zealand.       --**--       On the right is America.

In a few months the RGI is going to infiltrate New Zealand will declare war on America. 
  Then it will conquer the rest of the world.

America is going to be roasted!

Do you want to read the secret battle plans in advance! 

Click here to read the secret battle plans of the RGI


Grover at the Restaurant
We know Grover from Sesame Street and how hopeless he is.
Click here to read the script of Grover serving the Blue guy in a restaurant.

Fred Dagg

     Fred Dagg  (aka John Clarke) 
is the great kiwi bloke with the gumboots.

Click here to find out the info about Fred Dagg

Sorry no picture yet.

The Gumboot Song
It's true the Irish stole the tune for their 
so-called "Wellies" song.
The Gumboot Song is the original.
But if it weren't for your gumboots where 
would you be? 
Click here to find out.

We don't know how lucky we are
"Bugger the rest of the world!"
Fred Dagg has released this song twice.
Read the lyrics for the old and new versions 

Click here for more mate!

The Probability Song
Are maths and science boring?¿?
Do you have problems  understanding Normal Distribution?¿?

Click here for the FUN Probability Song.

The Biography of 
Mervin Bonavich
Adapted from an anonymous book review, the Biography of Mervin Bonavich gives the times and tale of this great man's life and contribution to mankind.
It's about time you read the Biography too.
Click here for it

New Zealand Sounds

If you're ever in New Zealand you must know what animals to beware of and what particular sounds mean.

It might save your life!

Click here to listen to sounds of NZ.

The Click Page

What is this page about?

Click here to find out!.

The Christchurch Church of Christ

We believe that being a true Christian means becoming a "disciple" or "follower" of Jesus

If you are searching for God or peace or even the meaning of life, the International Church of Christ can help.

Please click here to find out about the International Church of Christ..



Other cool sites

 Here are some other sites.
Even though they are not Fuzzywassyworld they are very cool.

Cool like this guy.

Iraq's Republican Guard

This is a site about Iraq's leader 
Saddam Hussein.
Download the Shoot Saddam game
and the Punch Saddam in the Head Game.

Click here to visit Saddam

Petra’s Sesame Street Guide

The official ABC of fun things in life!

Click here to get there!


The newest greatest mushy soap in the land.

Visit it here.


Have you driven a Ford... lately?
Click on the image to download the Happy99 virus cleaner.


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--- South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut.