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Custom Flathead Parts

Purchase and see the parts in person at these swap meets

Any Cylinder head custom built to order, call for a quote

Water Pump adapter, put 32-36 pump on Model A $20.00

Carburetor Kits:

Stromberg 97S  $18.00

Holley 94 $18.00

3 for $45.00

Adjustable Jets for 97, a pair  $30.00

Flatheads Forever T-Shirts L, XL, XX  $13.00

Flatheads Forever Hats

Machined Cylinder heads, Single or Double Plugs

V8-60  $650.00

21 Stud  $800.00

24 Stud  $800.00

V-12 Lincoln  $1200.00

Fuel Pump Blockoff Stand  $40.00

Model A downdraft maninfold, single or double  $100.00

97 Jet Wrench  $8.00

Oil Breather  $30.00

Machined water pipes, pair $80.00

Crankshaft pulley, single, double or triple groove  $100.00

Coil holder  $30.00

Water pump pulleys, single or double groove, pair  $80.00

Triple groove, pair $100.00

Fuel Block  $30.00

Degree Plate Machined Alum  $75.00

Angle Drive, use any distributer, bolts in same place as old distributer  $250.00

Beehive type oil filter with spin on filter  $90.00

Alternator bracket for flathead, bolt GM alternator to bracket  $55.00

Wide belt pulley for GM alternator, polished alum, single groove $30.00

double groove $35.00

Flathead wire looms, polished stainless, also V8 60  $65.00

Cast alum timing gear cover, 32-48, 3 bolt, 2 bolt dist  $150.00

Cast Alum timing gear cover 49-53  $150.00

Head Gaskets

all solid copper .050 thick

Riley and Crager 4 CYL headgasket  $50.00 ea

Ardun head gaskets and Big bore flathead gaskets, pair  $75.00

Dual distributer drive  $350.00

Custom straight 8 Packard cylinder heads  $800.00

Air Cleaner starting at $150.00 call for a quote

Distributer Adapter

42 to 48 distributer to 3 bolt cover $30.00

Voltage Regulator Cover $30.00

Timing Gear Cover 49-53 $150.00