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Techno Pagan & Wiccan Notes
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O Horned God of Earth!
As the sun shineth down, radiant upon my skin, so do I sing to you, O Great Father.
Your Strength has given me Power, your Love has given me Strength.
In the light of the ephemeral Sun do I sing your praises!

You, O Great Commander of Earth, hath made the creatures ferocious, hath made the Sun miraculous,
and hath made me, your Priest/ess, wise and powerful, and sensitive to the cry of Nature.

Blessed is the God of Creation, Father of the Perfect creature.
Blessed is He, my protectorate, who watches over me!
Blessed Be!

Just as the Goddess can be understood by paying attention to the Phases of the moon, so can the God be recognized by paying attention to the seasons. It is for this reason that he plays such an important part in each Sabbat. In Wicca there are primarily two God-themes that are reflected in the Sabbats, that of the Sun-God figure and that of the Oak King and Holly King.

The Sun-God Theme

The Sun-God rules the sky during our hours of activity. His rising and setting effectively mark the time in which we can work because we need his light to see by. He is also the Sky Father whose light fertilizes the earth and the hostile sun that makes the desert barren. In Wicca we trace his life through the seasons.  At Yule, he is born as the embodiment of innocence and joy, of a childlike delight in all things. His is the triumph of the returning light. At Candlemas his growth is celebrated, as the days grow visibly longer. At Eastra or the Vernal Equinox, He is the green, flourishing youth who dances with the Goddess in her Maiden aspect. On Beltane, he is the young man who has fallen in love and takes the Goddess as his bride. Their marriage is celebrated with maypoles and bonfires. At Summer Soltices he consummates the marriage in a union that is so complete it becomes a death. He is named Summer-Crowned King instead of Winter-Born, and the crown is of roses: the bloom of culmination coupled with the stab of the thorn. He is mourned at Lammas, and at the Autumnal Equinox He sleeps in the womb of the Goddess, sailing over the sunless sea that is her womb. At Samhain, he arrives at the Land of Youth, the Shining Land in which the souls of the dead grow young again, as they wait to be reborn. He opens the gates that they may return and visit  loved ones, and rules in the Dreamworld as He too grows young, until at Yule He is again reborn.

The Oak King and Holly King Theme

The Oak King and Holly King are twin gods that represent the cycle of fertility. Each of them rules for half a year, fights for the favor of the Goddess and dies. Yet the defeated twin is not truly dead; he merely withdraws during the six months of his brother's rule into Caer Arianrhod, the Castle of the ever-turning Silver Wheel.

The Oak King ,who is the light twin, rules from midwinter to midsummer. He represents expansion and growth. His tree, the oak, obviously symbolizes strength and longevity; its acorn is expressively phallic; and its roots are said to extend as far below ground as its branches do into the air - showing that the god has dominion over Heaven, Earth and the Underworld.

The Holly King, who is the dark twin, rules from midsummer to midwinter. He represents withdrawal and rest. His tree, the holly, has leaves that are evergreen and its bright berries glow red when all else is bare of fruit. Thus while his reign is one of withdrawal culminating in apparent lifelessness, his symbology reminds us all the time that he is his brother's other self and holds life in trust while it rest.

The Horned God

The Horned God is a natural-fertility figure. He is Oak King and Holly King, the complementary twins seen as one complete entity. He is a vivid expression of the son/lover of Mother Earth - swift-moving, wide-roaming, concupiscent, ever free. He is a hunter and yet he is respectfully killed to feed other creatures. And although he dies, he eternally reappear as strong and splendid as ever. He is that which impregnates the earth, and shepherds and defends her creatures. His is the true wisdom of cosmic and terrestrial law. He is truly Lord of the Dance, for he represents the rhythms of life, growth, death and rebirth. But mostly he is the "Horned" God who reminds us that divinity and nature are not separate. His very appearance teaches us this by combining animal and human aspects.

List of Gods

ADONIS (Greek):
God of vegetation.

ANUBIS (Egyptian):
Jackal-headed God of Protection.

APOLLO (Greek):
God of the Sun, Light and the Arts.

Horned God and consort of the Lady.

EROS (Greek):
God of Romance and Passionate Love.

HORUS (Egyptian):
God of the all-seeing eye and healing.

HYMEN (Greek):
God of marriage and commitment.

LUCIFER (Italian):
God of the Sun and Light. Soulmate and brother of Diana. Father of Aradia.

MITHRA (Persian):
Sun God and bringer of Light. A soldier's God.

ODIN (Scandinavian):
God of Wisdom of psychic sight.

OSIRIS (Egyptian):
Over-all God form including vegetation and after-life.

PAN (Greek):
God of Nature and the woods, laughter and passion.

God of the Sea.

PTAH (Egyptian):
God of creative enterprise with the hands.

SHIVA (Hindu):
God of the universal cycle of birth-death-rebirth.

THOR (Scandinavian):
God of sky and thunder.

THOTH (Egyptian):
God of Reincarnation, science and wisdom.


  • 2 Parts Frankincense
  • 2 Parts cinnamon
  • 1 part Bay
  • 1 Part Rosemary
  • 1 Part Musk


  • 2 Parts Benzoin
  • 1 Part Cedar
  • 1 part Pine
  • 1 Part Juniper berries
  • few drops Patchouly oil



  • 7 drams tincture Benzoin
  • 1/2 dram Sandalwood oil
  • 1/2 dram Myrrh oil
  • 1/2 dram Frankincense oil
  • saltpeter
  • 1 oz pwd Charcoal
  • pinch of dried Asafoetida
  • pinch of dried Blessed Thistle
  • pinch of dried Peppermint

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