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The Farthing family

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This web site includes a partial family tree of people with the family name Farthing. It shows a selection of the descendants of George Farthing and  Catherine Atkinson, born approximately 1750, and of George Farthing 1771-1850, and his wife Margaret Bell 1776-1859, up to Stanley Farthing 1894-1985. A selection of pictures is included as available.

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The Name

Farthing coin

The surname Farthing is an English name and one view is that it originates from the allocation of land in plots of four quarters called farthings, and the term is sometimes used in place names. The name would probably have been given to a tenant or occupant of such a plot.

Another theory is that it derives from a mythical Viking king Farthegn meaning travelled thegn (=warrior).

Farthing was also the name of a small coin of value 1/4 of a penny. They continued to be minted until 1956 or so, the later ones having queen Elizabeth on one side. They were technically legal tender until about 1960. Most people of a certain age will associate the surname with the coin, but there is no connection.

Ancestral list from George Farthing, born c.1750, to Stanley Farthing 1894-1985.



Married to


George Farthing


Catherine Atkinson


George Farthing 1771-1850

Aycliffe, Co. Durham

Margaret Bell 1776-1859


George Farthing 1805-1860

Durham St. Giles

Jane Wallace 1809-1868


Thomas Farthing 1844-1882

Coxhoe Mill, Co. Durham

Mary Ann Thompson 1842-?

Woodham, Northumberland

George Thompson Farthing 1864-1931


Rosa Collings Vail 1865-1938


Stanley Farthing 1894-1985


Edith May Stephenson 1894-1963

Barry, S. Glamorgan

George Thompson Farthing and Rosa Vail

George Thompson Farthing and Rosa Vail


Stanley Farthing had two younger brothers, Douglas 1897-1980 and Donald 1900-1990, and two sons Desmond 1922-1953 and Geoffrey 1926-

Stanley Farthing with Edith May and their sons Desmond and Geoffrey

Stanley Farthing with his wife and sons

This picture was taken on 18th July 1945 after the end of the Second World War (in Europe). The men are in their respective uniforms.

To be continued...

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