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I'm an EMT-I and live in the mountains in Colorado (25 miles west of Steamboat Springs). I guess my area could be called "rural". Our town has a population of about 1700 to 2000. Our call volume is approx. 360 (give or take) per year, but seems to be increasing. To most of you, that's pretty low, I'm sure. We have 17 EMT's (5 are Intermediates) and 21  firefighters. We transport to the hospital in Steamboat (Level III) most of the time. If the patient requests it, we transport to Craig which is 17 miles west of us. In Steamboat, there is a crew of mostly Paramedics and a few Intermediates as well as a Search & Rescue team. Steamboat also has a flight service that can fly critical patients at any time (weather permitting).

In Colorado, emt's at the Intermediate level can give first-line cardiac drugs (epi. lido. atropine, sod. bicarb) as well as Narcan, Albuterol and Dextrose. We also de-fib, start IV's and intubate.

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EMT Sculpture 
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