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The story begins in a elite school called Garden where children 6-19 years of age hone their military skills.If a child fails the exam, the kid is expelled from Garden.

Garden was created to keep peace in the kingdoms and Squall Leonhart, the hero, is made a member of an elite mercenary group SeeD.

Squall attends a lavish dinner for new recruits and meets Rinoa Heartilly, leader of the Forrest Owls, a rebel organization fighting agains the nation of Galbaldia.The two dance the night away oblvoius to the political turn of events unfolding before them.

That night, Squall has a strange dream in which he is Laguna Loire a Galbaldian soldier who'd rather be a journalist.In the dream he is on a mission with Ward and Kiros, two fellow soldiers.

Meanwhile, Galbaldia has annexed Dole, a neighboring country and declares war on the rest of the world.The president is aided by the witch, Edea, whom Squall is on a secret mission to assasinate.To make matters worse, Squall's arch rival, Seifer Almasy, a former fellow SeeD mercenary,has come into the picture but this time on the side of Edea.This is the beginning of the Final Fantasy 8 saga.