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Map And Shops


Red-Town and Cities

Lime-Caves and Dungeons

Yellow-Chocobo Forest

Blue-UFO sightings

Purple-MISC areas


Map Number Town Name Map Letter Location
1 Balamb Garden A Cave of Fire
2 Balamb Town/Dock B Tomb of unknown King
3 Dollet City C Sentora Ruins
4 Timber Town D Warship Island
5 Galbaldia Garden
6 Galbaldia city
7 Galbaldia Desert/Prison Tower
8 Fisherman's Horizon
9 Travia Garden
10 Edea's House/Cid's Long Garden
11 Esthor's Capital
12 Esthor Research Center
13 Luna Gate 2 (map number) island closest to heaven
14 Witchs Museum 3 (map number) Timber lake
15 Winhill Village
16 Village of the Shumi Tribe
17 Tear's Point