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Lady Edea's Archives

June 3:The action figures of FF8 are on sale next month.
June 9:FF9 will not be part of the Final Fantasy Anthology.
June 15:The Limit section has just been added with everyone except Quistis and possibly Laguna.Except to see it posted soon.
June22:Square just announced that FF8 is to be released Sept.7
June 29: Map and shop area is curently under construction.Shortly the Galleria will be converted to shrines for each character.
July6:Squaresoft has just released some u.s screens of the eagerly anticipated FF8.To view some click here.

Final Fantasy Anthology will be released October 13.Contains FF5 and FF6.
Eidos Interactive acquires publishing rights to FF8 for PC in Europe and Australia.
PC Cd-Rom for FF8 by Digicube will be on sale Sept.22 for $45.
Sept:17FF8 sells 175,000 copies!
Sept25:Desktop accessories disc is availble in Japan.It cannot be used in North American machines except for mail/memo client and Triple Traid card.No word yet on American courtsey of FF8 source.