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A Natural Gift From Egypt ! Presented by Dr.Ali Mehilba M.D. PhD - {Psychiatrist and Hypnotherapist}
Your Stress Controller (Dr.Ali) would love to advise you on the best and shortest way to learn and practice hypnosis.
Free Recommendations on articles ,books and text to read or cassettes Dr. Ali Mehilba with his Egyptian Root Back to the discovery of Hypnosis By Pharos in their Temple of Sleep or Sleeping Therapy is ready to offer you his 20 years experience in a simple, easy way BUT on Scientific basis

Courses in Medical Hypnosis for:
1)Total Body and Mind Relaxation

2)Treament of many stresses as Phobia , Insomnia , Obesity ,
Self Esteem ,Stop smoking

3)Part time Or full time Career

4)Free Sessions on the Internet

HYPNOSIS is Natural , Simply it is the Day Dream State but with your
will you can have it to Relax and Modify and Enjoy and Change and....
and.......and.........and...........and.............and.................and just send me an e.mail to understand what was misunderstood !


Neither sleep or unconsciousness, hypnosis is a state in which a person has shut out distractions and is free to focus intently on a particular subject or memory.

Practitioners stress how normal and commonplace the hypnotic state is.

Almost everyone, they point out, experiences some form of hypnosis spontaneously - while daydreaming, reading, or even while driving long distances along a highway.

When a person is in hypnosis, they are deeply relaxed physically, but mentally many times more alert than their normal state of awareness.

They also hear and respond to everything and are an active participant in the therapy.

They have great control over what they will or will not do and will instantly reject any suggestions uncomfortable to them.

If the individual likes and wants the suggestion given they are allowed to enter the subconscious mind.

Courses in Medical Hypnosis for

  • Total Body and Mind Relaxation
  • Treament of many stresses as Phobia , Insomnia , Obesity ,
  • Self Esteem, Stop smoking
  • Part time Or full time Career
  • Free Sessions on the Internet

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