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Tenchi Muyo! In Love is based on a super famous anime series. The story is about how the evil super criminal named Kain has escaped from his prision, and is out to get any member of Tenchi's family. It was Tenchi's family that imprisoned him. Kain travels back in time to kill Tenchi's mother, so Tenchi and his friends must go back to the 70's to save her. This anime is a good one but is different that other anime, like Ninja Scroll which has more blood and gore than Tenchi. You have to like this kind of anime, if you do then i'de definetly recommend it. If your more into movies like Ninja Scroll and Akira, than I couldn't say that you'de like this one. I'm not judging it on how much i liked it, but on the quality of it. It wasn't my favorite but it was very good for what it was.

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