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Battle Angel (Gunnm)

Battle Angel, or Gunnm, is a great anime set in the future. The earth is split into two seperate worlds: Zolom, the city that floats above the earth where all the wealthy people live, and the junk yard below. Zolom is a dream for most people that live "on" the earth, which is just the place where all of Zolom's trash goes. One boy, a mechanic, especially wants to go there. Gally, the main character, is a cyborg reconstructed by a famous cyborg doctor. She falls in love with this boy and wants to help him get to Zolom. Gally also becomes a "hunter"... she hunts for the criminals that steal people's spines and brains, and sell them on the black market. These people are evil, but it is also the way she and the boy resort to getting enough money for Zolom. This anime is a very good one. I recommend it. It has very good action scenes as well as a good plot.

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