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In Southern California
The palm trees...Their fonds
Glisten in the sunlight
Like Tinsel
Reminding me of ice storm
Everything Crystalized
Icy, golden fingers reaching
Deep, azure sky...the sun shining through
Like a Chandelier
Creating prisms
It is early morning in Massachusetts
Paula, now Rahil, an Italian muslima
Driving treacherously through
This overnight ice storm
Making her way to Eid prayer
An artist, admiring the Beauty
She has been purified like the air around her
By Islam
I have walked through these
New England snowfilled woods
The air is frigid
The warmth of scarf and mittens
Furry security in my mouth
All one hears is the cracking of ice
And a few bird sounds
The sound of a brook near by
Then Silence
Spruce and hemlock
A few pines...squirrels
Tall, dark, wet, black trees
Everything draped in snow
I am sweating beneath a heavy, warm, jacket
The presence of Allah
Felt many places
But I have casually met Him here
Stark solitude
Snow twinkling like many stars
Where all that is Real is He and I
Nothing else matters or exists
No place of great Cathedral
Has ever been so beautiful
As these New England woods
As this quiet, pure place
This is my mosque
Which heals the soul
Especially beneath the falling snow
Beneath a streetlamp
Making soft noises
The screeching of blue jays
Small little chickadees with black masks
Hopping on the ground
My eyes watering
The cold stinging my eyes
His words are written
In the cracks of ice
Upon the brooks
One need not travel far to find Him
He is here within
The silence of ones heart
In California, I have found Him
Within the tall mountains of Yosemite
Covered with snow all year around
Pine covered
I am hiking with Yasmin, and children
10,000or more feet above sea level
We are searching for a mountain lake
We start climbing in hot July weather
But along the way we meet snow
Some of us get altitude sickness
We have to go back down
We can not reach the lake
There is pines and wild life around us
Mountain lions and bear
They are afraid of us
Small rabbits
Every step I take I am in communion with Allah
I am walking with Him
We are climbing up Mt. Hamilton
Black, gnarled trees...leafless...moss-covered
Tearing at the gray sky
Fields of snow..
Patches of gray rock
The fog like guaze
Lifting and falling
Displaying intervals of the brown hills below
Spotted with the same gnarled trees
Pines heavy with cones
A very curving Mountain road
The city of San Jose at a distance
We are here to see Lick Observatory
To see the Magnificent All
Space...infused with Allah
Whirls of Stars
Colorful Nebulas...Allah's garment
Gallaxies with millions of Suns like our own
With Billions of planets
And we are so infinitely small
We live and die in a flash of God's second
Here we are...standing within 30 inches of snow
Which has not fell in 50 yrs...within Allah's Silence
Which is louder than a billion trumpets...take notice
As Aman, Mahbub and I throw snowballs and take pictures
We live in Allah's footsteps and talk with Him every minute
Not only in our salat...but every second

Submitted with Love by: S. Bushra Khan

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