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My name is Ananur Forma. I live in Newburyport, MA. I've been involved with Astrology since 1973 when I began studying with Isabel Hickey in Boston, Ma.

My approach to Astrology has always been to help individuals to respect their potentials. I enjoy pointing out what Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are doing in an individual's chart, therefore offering the individual the awareness to what their soul has chosen to develop at that particular time. I do look at the planet's positions as potentials to be utilized or suffer the challenges for not jumping on board to uplift oneself.

I like working with progressed planets, transits, composites, solar returns,and relocation charts to get the full picture.

I am not fond of computer analysis of an individual's chart as it is too dissecting rather than holistic. It also is too disjointed in it's interpretation, efficient, but not flowing with the spirit of the person. Therefore, I prefer personal readings where I give an in depth picture to the individual of their soul qualities, why they came to incarnate in this life, what talents they have, and what challenges them to develop other qualities which can become talents in this life.

I am available for private readings in Newburyport, MA or by phone. You can call me to set up an appointment at 978-463-0919. My rates are: $80.00 for a one hour phone reading, you call me. I've always tried to keep my rates fair (Libras like to be fair!).

I enjoy writing and sending out a monthly astrological newsletter to subscribers. I focus on the aspects and the potentials they offer us. Write or call for a free sample. My newsletter is $18.00 for a one year subscription.
Ananur Forma... P.O. Box 818 Newburyport, MA 01950

I now accept Mastercard and Visa.

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