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Healing the Emotional Body

with Ananur Forma

I am trained in the "Emotional Cleansing Process." This Process was devised by Ellen Hutcheson of Maine. She trained in the early 70's at the Primal Therapy Institute in California and has counseled and guided people individually for years and years to get in touch with core issues and to cleanse the emotional body. This form of healing takes place in a padded room. It's very womb like, safe, no distractions, and the environment is totally encouraging for allowing feelings to go where they need to go.

Let me explain what "the padded room" is. Mine is royal blue. It's a separate room from my house, it's 8 feet long, 6 feet wide and 4 feet in height. It has 4" thick foam on the floor, walls and ceiling which is covered with royal blue rip-stop nylon. There is a dim night light and a fan inside to give a womb-like safe atmosphere. And it is! I go in with the person who is ready to work on their emotions, and the session lasts anywhere from one hour to two and a half or more. I believe that a session ends when the person feels relief, and clarity thus gaining realization from their releasing. This is a very powerful process as it demands that one work at bringing up emotions that have been repressed, hidden, forced down for years, thus having caused one to split apart from their true loving self. Memories surface and the "river of emotion" guides us to clarity and wholeness. I highly recommend this process for anyone going through a Pluto transit as the process is so much quicker with Pluto's assistance.

I began reading The Primal Scream in 1971. I knew it was the therapy for me. I'd been to "talk therapists," and that wasn't it for me. In 1973 I moved from New York to Boston and got into a Primal Therapy Group. That was very powerful for my growth process. I was 23 years old. I moved to Maine and continued doing primal therapy with a friend who had been to the Primal Institute. We'd "sit for each other." In 1985 I began training (experiential) with Ellen Hutcheson, in group and individually. That lasted for 2 years. I also did an intensive training for a month. I lived in a motel, no phone, no TV, no radio, no meditation, no friends -- only daily 2 hour sessions with her and writing in my journal. At the end of the month, I had sessions with Ellen 3 times a week for 6 months, then twice a week for a year. Since then I've worked with a lot of folks.

I believe that the "Emotional Cleansing Process" is extremely necessary and effective in clearing negative emotions from the collective unconscious and the astral plane. I believe that if we all took responsibility and worked on ourselves in this way that life would change dramatically for all of us!!! I highly recommend emotional work with a trained guide/counselor who has done their own emotional process. That's why my healing process worked, because my guide/counselor Ellen Hutcheson, had done her own emotional processing and I have done mine and continue to do so. Contact me at 978-463-0919

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