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Astrologically Speaking...with Ananur



Where is the Best Place to be on your Birthday?

Where is the "best" place to spend your birthday in 2003? 2004? I have devised a method which enables me to help you decide. Together we will find where you need to be in order to have the most prosperous year ahead.


To help you understand what I'm talking about...let's say that you were born September 30, 1949 with the Sun at 7 degrees 17 minutes of Libra. When the Sun returns each year to that exact degree Astrologers refer to it as your, "Solar return chart." The Solar return chart is a predictive chart for the year ahead. If you celebrate your birthday in Tucson, Arizona where will Jupiter be placed? If Jupiter is located in the 10th house your career will expand, and you will gain recognition. If you're in Virginia Beach, Va. for your birthday Jupiter will be located in a different house, let's say, the 7th house. Now Jupiter brings expansion and blessings to the area of personal relationships; you could get married in that year. The idea is that you tell me what you want to manifest in the upcoming year (birthday to birthday) and I do research with your chart to find the best location for you to spend 36 hours at in order to bring the energies into manifestation for your year ahead! This is very specific and I offer many location choices for you to choose from. My fee is $ 80.


I enjoy writing and sending out a monthly astrological newsletter to subscribers. I focus on the aspects and the potentials they offer us. If you're interested in that send $18.00 for a one year subscription to Ananur ... P.O. Box 818, Newburyport, MA 01950 or call 978-463-0919.

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