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A Day In The Air
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okay, so this is why i am a loser
I need not to swear so much.
I subscribed to the word of the day from and it is just a dailey reminder that i need to be a better user of this crazy English language.
We were at dinner at the Lincolnwood Kow Kow and Zadie leaned over to me and in his voice of age and whisky sours told me the secret of success.
That when I go off to college I should master the language.
And he has a point, so i am trying to be more articulate.
But the truth is that i have not followed up on my dreams and i became very frusterated.
It's easier to imagine it than to do it.
But i am slowly getting things done.
It has meant staying up late all night sometimes.

So what am I doing up in the wee hours of the night?
I am working on my zine, my juggling shows, the CD compilation, this webage.
I am learning, I am working on what I am interested in, and I love it.

Here is a list of my projects

  1. Write up my winter tour 2001 zine so i can bring it to propagandhi in Minnesota this April and for Atom and his Package and for summer tour and everyone else who i need to get my next issue to.
  2. Start putting the comp together getting those last band's tracks
  3. Keep up with school work

Igloos and Dustballs
by bradley

We had 2 snow brick makers. They were red and yellow in a color of red and yellow plastic that isnt around anymore. They were sturdy and translucent and had stickers on them describing how to make an igloo. Which we did in our front yard and Andy's backyard, where we packed in the wholes and built it to the top and sprayed it with water so it froze at night and it was strong enough to walk on the following afternoon. In Andy's backyard he told me he saw a face in the glass in the patio table the summer before. And we found snake skins which i thought were ghost snakes in the basement window wells. And they had a teathet ball set and tree in the back corner that we could climb and a secret passage cutting between the houses to the next street.

Lego guys, my sister's barrets, and pennies hid in the air conditioning vent. In the summer it blew cold air like a breeze, in the winter warm air and that burning smell came out. Among the dustballs and crumbs and dead spiders that's where they stay.

The end

email me at my hotmail address if you want a
I have 7 zines in print and one CD compilation the zines are 50cents except for automatic #7 which is a $1.
the CD has 24 tracks a patch and a zine insert and is $4.
all prices are ppd.
hey i got a review in maximumrocknroll and they liked it so much that i got a 2 page interview in the febuary 2000 issue
click here to see the interview
I guess what I'm getting at is that none of this is really our is it...
thanx for reading this
if you want tell a friend to visit here. remember to share with your friends and parents and kids and family. They care, really.

written on 11.14.00

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I liked to chew gum.
by bradley

I liked to chew gum.
Ed liked to throw his desk. Ed did not like to do homework and once in a while he got overwhelmed and threw his desk out the window. The teacher didn't really like it to much but the principle was cool and said "chill out man, it will be okay." but IT was only okay for about a week until another desk landed in the bushes outside the second grade school room.
Laura though Ed was not as cool as herself but she couldn't pick up a desk. The principal realized this too and that was when Ed started training as a weightlifter. The principle had talked the P.E. teacher into getting Ed special weightlifting sessions after school.
Bill liked to run
I sat in the third row. There was gum under my desk. There was gum under Bill's desk, and Laura's desk and Ed's desk and all the broken desks which flew out the window. There was even gum under the teachers desk. I know cause I put it there.
Bill ran home from school everyday. He liked to run because he liked to get picked up by his mom less. His mom drove a beater jalopy of a car and it was embarrassing to Bill. Bill had posters of Lamborginis and Ferrarri Testarosas on his wall in his bedroom. He wished his mom would pick him up in one of those.
I didn't have a mom, and when i did she didn't have a car. She had a helicopter. We used to live in a hot air balloon, but the air cooled off so now we live in an igloo.

The end