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Uzbek Farmers' Studios

Hi everybody!Welcome to our home!We are glad that you are visiting this particular site.We UZBEK students hope that this site will help you to learn about Central Asia and particularly Uzbekistan. Please enjoy your ride! Please remember that your comments are always welcome to us!

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We are students whose field of specialization is "Water Systems Management & Ecology" and we are studying at several American Colleges such as Texas A&M, Iowa State, and Colorado State Universities. Our purpose is to increase an awareness among people all over the globe about ecological and agricultural issues of Central Asia, and especially of Uzbekistan. It is necessary to mention the fact that all major ecological problems of the region are related to water or irrigation matter. First and foremost the irrigation is very important element. This site is also dedicated to the catastrophe of the 20th century, which is known as Aral Sea tragedy.

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